How can I be sure? Book Cover How can I be sure?

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Many Christians experience times of doubt and uncertainty. At various times we can ask: Does God love me? Am I really a Christian? - and even Is there a God at all?!
This short, readable book unpacks the difference between good and bad doubt, shows us where it comes from and how to deal with it in ourselves and others.
It explains clearly and simply the liberating reality of what the Bible tells us about doubt, assurance and the Christian life.

This week, the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for How will the world End? (The Good Book Company, 2014). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“This book will help you to have a closer walk with God!” Reviewer: Val Belley Rating: 4 Stars

This is definitely a great book to have extra copies of to give out to new Christians as well as those who may be struggling with doubt.Reviewer: Joey Parker Rating: 5 stars

“I recommend “How Can I Be Sure” to anyone currently struggling with or one who is discipling someone with doubt.” Reviewer: Zach Kendrick Rating: 4 Stars

“This is a very helpful book that will help readers grow in the grace of God.” Reviewer: Conrade Yap Rating: 4 stars

“This book is good for Christians to go one-on-one with a struggling believer. This is also good for pastors to take a believer who is struggling with doubt through as well.” Reviewer: Chris Land Rating: 5 Stars 

Songs of a Suffering King: The Grand Christ Hymn of Psalms 1–8 by J. V. FeskoOur Lord has wisely given the Psalms, the songbook of the Bible, for the benefit of the church. But for many people, the Psalms’ contents are mysterious because they no longer have a place of prominence in the church’s worship. Author J. V. Fesko hopes to awaken the church to the majesty, beauty, and splendor of the Psalms through a devotional exploration of Psalms 1–8, a “grand Christ hymn,” in which David, as the suffering king, prefigures the king of kings, Jesus Christ. To encourage readers to come to a greater appreciation for the Psalms, the author includes with each chapter questions for further reflection and study and a metrical version of each psalm. He also recommends Internet resources that provide digital files of the tunes.

Praise for Songs of a Suffering King:

“Christians know they need instruction not only to pray but also to sing. By tracing the narrative of Christ in the opening eight psalms of the Psalter, this book helps me pray while I sing and sing while I pray. I learn not only to hear Christ in each psalm but I also begin to sing under the aegis of Christ, the chief musician. Those who have sung these psalms from their earliest days as well as those who have joined the Psalter choir only recently will find, with the Spirit’s blessing, deeper and fuller sound.”
— Gerald M. Bilkes, professor of New Testament and biblical theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, and author of Memoirs of the Way Home: Ezra and Nehemiah as a Call to Conversion

“The Psalms are beloved by Christians everywhere, yet their historical context and intended meaning are little known today. In Songs of a Suffering King, John Fesko skillfully and pastorally unpacks the original setting and theological riches of Psalms 1–8. In doing so, he insightfully explains the christocentric nature of the Psalms as well as provides practical biblical instruction to all Christian pilgrims who travel the pathway from suffering to glory.”
— Jon D. Payne, organizing pastor of Christ Church Presbyterian, Charleston, South Carolina, and the series editor of the Lectio Continua Expository Commentary on the New Testament

J. V. FeskoAbout the Author:
J.V. Fesko is an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and is also academic dean and associate professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California.

Book Information:

  • Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
  • ISBN: 9781601783103
  • Page Count: 128

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  • Tour Date: October 6-12, 2014
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The Home Team by Clint ArcherUsing illustrations and analogies from the world of sports, The Home Team by Clint Archer presents the Christian family as a team. He highlights the one-flesh union of husband and wife as the fundamental team for God’s design of society, the family, and marriage. Facing challenges together this cohesive team must not allow division to weaken their union. As children are added, Mom and Dad play their unique and essential roles to strengthen the expanding team. The family must close ranks on opponents to God’s design, tackle obstacles, and fortify the bonds in their huddle. In the unity and synergy of teamwork each player is uniquely positioned to advance the team’s objective. The goal is to give God glory, and enjoy the blessings and joy that come with obedience.

“Clint Archer sounds the Biblical call for the Christian family to pursue Christ as a team. Like an experienced coach, Archer directs each member of the family how to play his or her position according to the rule-book of Holy Scripture.”
-Dr. Joel R. Beeke – President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“The Home Team by Clint Archer provides an informative and readable survey of the Biblical instruction to husbands and wives, parents and children—even grandparents and singles.”
-Joel James – Pastor Grace Fellowship, Pretoria, South Africa

About the Author:
Clint ArcherClint Archer is a graduate of the Master’s Seminary (MDiv, ThM, DMin), and presently serves as the senior pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church. He is an enthusiastic blogger, writer, international speaker and has published books on doctrine, pastoral ministry, and missions. Clint has been married to Kim since 2002 and they presently have four children. He contributes weekly to His interests include motorbiking, martial arts, travel, dating his beautiful wife, taking his four kids to the beach and eating.

Book Information:

  • Publisher: Shepherd Press
  • ISBN: 9781633420847
  • Page Count: 152

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  • Tour Date: September 29 – October 5, 2014
  • Available Formats: Paperback (Continental US Only), .mobi eBook (Kindle), & .epub eBook (Nook, Apple iBooks)
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Live by Rebecca Manley PippertThousands of people go on evangelistic courses each year. And then… what next?
Countless Christians would love to brush up on the foundations of their faith. But… how to?

Internationally renowned speaker, evangelist and author Becky Manley Pippert’s newest resource is the What Next and the How To. In five interactive, informal sessions combining DVD clips, Bible study, discussion times and testimony footage, Becky explores the truth and content of the gospel, and how to begin and keep going in the Christian life.

This course is perfect for new believers, not-yet-believers, and Christians who want to be refreshed in their faith. Use the handbook alongside the course DVD and the free online leader’s guide.

Becky says: “LIVE continues the journey from enquirer to disciple to spiritual maturity. My guess is there are people in your church who will really benefit from this course.”

“These studies by Becky Pippert are clear and accessible, yet substantial and thoughtful explorations of how to be grounded and grow in Christian faith. They evidence years of experience working with people at all stages of belief and skepticism. I highly recommend them.”
- Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

“Very clear and helpful, spiced with arresting quotations and telling insights. A fine, natural, engaging, resource for evangelistic bible study groups and personal study too.”
- Josh Moody, Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

Rebecca Manley PippertAbout the Author:
Rebecca Manley Pippert regularly speaks on spiritual renewal, evangelism and character formation for church conferences, at schools and colleges and in pastoral training seminars. Becky has written several books on evangelism and Christian living, including the best-selling Out of the Saltshaker. She and her husband Dick divide their time between Belfast, Northern Ireland and Michigan, USA.

Book Information:

  • Publisher: The Good Book Company
  • ISBN: 9781909919761 (Handbook), 9781909919778 (DVD)
  • Page Count: 64

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  • Tour Date: September 22 – October 5, 2014
  • Available Formats: Handbook & DVD (limited to reviewers in the continental US)
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Can I Really Trust the Bible? by Barry CooperThe Bible makes big claims for itself. But do those claims stand up?

Aren’t the stories just legends? Hasn’t the information been corrupted over time? Isn’t the Bible full of mistakes? And isn’t it culturally outdated?

In this absorbing little book, Barry Cooper explores these questions – and many others – with warmth, wit and integrity.

Watch Barry Cooper’s slightly tongue-in-cheek introduction to his book:

“You have questions about the Bible. Barry Cooper has answers. I’m so grateful for this brief yet somehow comprehensive survey of what Scripture itself and the great scholars throughout history say about the reliability of God’s Word. Read it to bolster your own faith and share it with friends so they, too, might taste and see that the Lord is good to give us his Word. A wonderful book.”
- Collin Hansen, editorial director, The Gospel Coalition; author, Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists

“This little book by Barry Cooper offers an outstanding primer on the Bible’s reliability. It should bolster your belief that Christian Scripture is what it claims to be: communication from God. What a privilege to own and read the Bible, getting to know our Maker. What a joy to live as it says. I can testify personally to the peace and well-being that comes from letting it shape one’s life. Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it on for size.”
- Douglas A. Sweeney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


  • Introduction
  • 1. Does the Bible claim to be God’s word? The world, the word, and what Jesus thought of the Bible
  • 2. Does the Bible claim to be God’s word? The word, the Word, and the rightness of writing
  • 3. Does the Bible seem to be God’s word?Consistency, conspiracies and corruptions
  • 4. Does the Bible seem to be God’s word? Canon, contradictions and criticisms
  • 5. Does the Bible prove to be God’s word? Tasting, seeing, and the sweetness of Scripture

Barry CooperAbout the Author:
Barry Cooper was born in Epsom, Surrey, and studied English Language and Literature at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. After graduating, he trained at the Webber Douglas Academy in London and began a six year acting career that included work at Shakespeare’s Globe and the National Theatre. More recently, he completed his Masters degree in theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago, and an internship with Mark Dever at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. He was one of the core team who planted Trinity West Church in Shepherd’s Bush, UK, where he’s now a member. He’s authored or co-authored numerous books and resources including Christianity Explored, Discipleship Explored, One Life, If You Could Ask God One Question, CY, The Real Jesus, and Can I Really Trust The Bible? As well as blogging at Future Perfect, Present Tense, he’s written for Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, 9Marks and Barry is the Director of Product Development at Christianity Explored Ministries.

Book Information:

  • Publisher: The Good Book Company
  • ISBN: 9781909559134
  • Page Count: 96

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  • Tour Date: September 22-28, 2014
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