A Lost God in a Lost World Book Cover A Lost God in a Lost World
Melvin Tinker
EP Books
October 6, 2015

From the Foreword by David F. Wells:

"I welcome this fine book. I appreciate the fact that Melvin Tinker has gone to the heart of the matter, to the very center of our faith. Evangelical faith is never going to be renewed by better marketing techniques, or more cultural accommodations, slicker presentations, or better business acumen. It will be renewed only when our knowledge of God is deepened, our walk with him becomes more genuine, our faith more authentic, and our churches more biblical. This is exactly what this book calls for. It sets up the doctrinal structure of Christian faith and lays out with great clarity the truth that these doctrines declare. And he shows that as pressing, and sometimes as novel as our challenges seem to be today, they are actually the recurring challenges that God’s people have faced in every generation. Here, though, he deals with those challenges from within the biblical period and lays out the biblical answers. If we would but listen we might be quite surprised at the results! We would see the gospel making inroads into our Western world, the Church finding new life, and Christians living with greater confidence and more hope. May it indeed be so!"

The Cross Focused Reviewers share their thoughts on A Lost God in a Lost World by Melvin Tinker.

“…a solid work that will cause the child of God to humble himself before his Savior and King”
Reviewer: Stuart Brogden
Rating: 4 Stars

“I highly recommend this book. It hit me at a perfect time as I was working through all of these issues in my life and now I can use this as a resource for me and my students.”
Reviewer: Jonathan Roberts
Rating: 4 Stars

“…a solid piece of work that will serve Christians well and will especially serve new comers to the Christian faith.”
Reviewer: David Steele
Rating: 4 Stars

“A good and challenging read… a helpful future reference to remind me of God’s greatness and power.”
Reviewer: Michael Taylor
Rating: 4 Stars

“What sets this book apart from others is really how Tinker holds no punches back, and speaks relevantly to people of this age.”
Reviewer: Chris Ho
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is both thought provoking and a blessing, and I recommend it.”
Reviewer: Jimmy Reagan
Rating: 5 Stars

A Lost God in a Lost World challenges the reader to discover and worship God as He is revealed in the Bible, the Triune God who has made us and redeemed us and is coming again for us.”
Reviewer: Theron St. John
Rating: 4 Stars

“…a useful, helpful read, one grounded in biblical realities / truths taught winsomely and clearly.”
Reviewer: Douglas Wallace
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is a quick and easy read…humble in its approach…”
Reviewer: Joseph Westbrook
Rating: 4 Stars

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Today, magnetic resonance imaging machines (MRIs) and similar technologies are saving lives in hospitals and clinics throughout the world. In 1969, this kind of technique was just an idea in the visionary mind of Dr. Raymond Damadian.

As a young boy, he watched his grandmother die painfully from breast cancer. Dr. Damadian would eventually decide on a career in medical research and pioneer this field of amazing research. Although in 1971 his concept of detecting tumors through magnetic resonance imaging was widely met with skepticism, he became the first researcher to do a full-body scan of a human being in 1977 in order to see if there was cancer present. His life has been an incredible journey of discovery helping you learn:

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  • ISBN: 9780890518038
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Ready To Return by Ken HamAbout The Book:
Having grown up in church, an alarming percentage of people have now traded in the timeless beliefs of Scripture for a more comfortable, postmodern faith or secular worldview. They have waded so deep into the culture that the current has swept them away with the pluralism of biblical compromise and secular indoctrination. Ready to Return explores:

  • Why this is happening, and more importantly, what can be done about it to help bring back a godly generation
  • New persuasive research that clearly reveals shocking details about views on the Church and faith by people in their 20s, known as millennials
  • Conclusive evidence we cannot ignore, showing a lack of effective biblical apologetics in homes and churches, compromise with secular beliefs, secular education, and failures on the part of previous generations, contributes greatly to this dilemma.

Within these pages is more than just a clinical diagnosis of the Church’s current condition and how we got here. It’s a simple and powerful call to return to the Church’s fundamental mission to reach the world!

If we are to bring back this lost generation, we need a proven strategy and willingness to present truth, a biblical battle plan, and spiritual soldiers.

Ken Ham

Ken Ham

About The Author:
Ken Ham is the president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis – U.S. and the highly acclaimed Creation Museum. Ken Ham is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America. Ken’s emphasis is on the relevance and authority of the book of Genesis and how compromise on Genesis has opened a dangerous door regarding how the culture and church view biblical authority. His Australian accent, keen sense of humor, captivating stories, and exceptional PowerPoint illustrations have made him one of North America’s most effective Christian communicators.

Connect with Ken:

Book Information:

  • Publisher: Master Books
  • ISBN: 9780890518366
  • Page Count:  206

Blog Tour Details:

  • Tour Dates:  December 7-13, 2015.
  • Available Formats:  Paperback (Continental US Only) & Ebook (.mobi & .epub)
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Biblical Counseling And The ChurchThank you for your interest in reviewing Biblical Counseling and the Church. This blog tour is now full. You can see our current list of available review books here: LINK.

As people face addictions, deal with loss and grief, and seek help in restoring broken relationships, where can they turn for counsel and assistance? The local church has been uniquely blessed with the gift of the gospel and is able to offer hope and counsel that no other institution on earth can.

In Biblical Counseling and the Church, Bob Kellemen and Kevin Carson have assembled over twenty respected ministry leaders who examine the relationship between counseling and the church. This comprehensive resource, part of the Biblical Counseling Coalition series, helps leaders and counselors develop a vision that goes beyond being a church with a biblical counseling ministry to becoming a church of biblical counseling—a church culture that is saturated by “one-another” ministry.

Divided into five parts, Biblical Counseling and the Church will help church leaders: 

  • Unite the pulpit ministry of preaching the Word with the personal ministry of the Word in counseling
  • Offer practical and theological training to equip counselors
  • Launch and lead a counseling ministry, regardless of the size of your church
  • Bring together the relational focus of small group ministry with the ministry of care and counseling
  • Better understand the relationship between biblical counseling, church discipline, and conflict resolution
  • Learn how to use counseling in outreach through “missional” biblical counseling—moving biblical counseling beyond the doors of the church and into the world
Robert W. Kellemen

Robert W. Kellemen

About The Author:
Bob Kellemen, ThM, PhD, is the executive director of the Biblical Counseling Coalition and the founder and CEO of RPM Ministries. Bob has pastored for over a dozen years and now serves as chair of the MA in Christian Counseling and Discipleship department at Capital Seminary (Maryland). He is the author of nine books, including Equipping Counselors for Your Church.

Book Information:

  • Publisher:  Zondervan
  • ISBN: 9780310520627
  • Page Count:  496

Blog Tour Details:

  • Tour Date:  November 30 – December 13, 2015
  • Available Formats:  Hardcover (Continental US Only)
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Thank you for your interest in reviewing Biblical Counseling and the Church. This blog tour is now full. You can see our current list of available review books here: LINK.

The Secret Life of a Pastor (and other intimate letters on ministry) Book Cover The Secret Life of a Pastor (and other intimate letters on ministry)
Michael A. Milton
Christian Focus Publications
April 20, 2015

Living a life of Christian service is tough. Quite rightly we can have big hopes for what can be done and dealing with discouragement and disappointment when these dreams shatter can be a painful experience. Michael Milton has a real heart for those who are beginning that work, this heart comes out in brief, honest, penetrating letters that are gold for a pastor just starting out, and remain tremendously helpful to the rest of us, as we seek to serve Christ in our daily lives.

The Cross Focused Reviewers share their thoughts on The Secret Life of a Pastor by Michael A. Milton (Christian Focus, 2015).

“When I finished this book, I walked away with a new appreciation for the role of the pastor… The advice offered is sound and timeless. This book should be mandatory reading for both those entering and graduating from seminary.”
Reviewer: LaRosa Johnson
Rating: 5 Stars

“I highly recommend this work to pastors, church leaders, and those wanting to be pastors someday…”
Reviewer: Rachel Rodriguez
Rating: 5 Stars

“I have found Milton to be an excellent guide for helping me gain an insider perspective on what a pastor’s life looks like. I think pastors will find his pastoral advice helpful to their life and work. Hopefully this book will help revitalize those who are weary and energize those who are struggling through their ministry.”
Reviewer: Chris Ho
Rating: 4 Stars

“Whether you are preparing for pastoral ministry or doing pastoral ministry you will not regret the time you take to read this book. Read it in a thoughtful way and let God use it to challenge, encourage and remind you of His love for His Church and how He calls and equips men for pastoral ministry.”
Reviewer: Bill Mazey
Rating: 4 Stars

“Milton’s love and wise words blend together in these brief letters and will surely be an encouragement to aspiring pastors, new pastors and seasoned pastors alike.”
Reviewer: Joey Parker
Rating: 4 Stars

“Transitioning from student to pastor can be bumpy and fraught with failure for those who don’t have good, godly men speaking into their lives. This book helps those seminarians wade into the responsibility of being a pastor.”
Reviewer: Andrew Wencl
Rating: 4 Stars

“We will encounter so many various seasons of life in ministry and this book covers much of it all in a personal, passionate, and prevalent way.”
Reviewer: Louis Zinc
Rating: 4 Stars

“The advice is always good and given graciously. Some of the chapters will do European pastors a whole lot of good!”
Reviewer: Alan Davey
Rating: 4 Stars