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Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog Book Cover Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog
Lauren Green
W Publishing Group
March 14, 2017

Is God Just a Distant Concept? An Award-Winning Religion Correspondent is Convinced the Answer is No and Explores the Possible Relationship with Our Creator

 Fox News Religion Correspondent Lauren Green uses her wealth of stories, vast network of contacts, and her own extensive study of theology to take the reader on a unique journey of spiritual discovery. With few female authors writing in the field of theology, Green provides an important perspective to all who wish to move closer to not only a deeper relationship with God but an understanding of what makes that possible.

Green gathers insight from some amazing guides along the way, through personal conversations with some of the leading minds in the world on the topic of Christianity. These include:

  • Timothy Keller
  • John Piper
  • Alister McGrath
  • William Lane Craig
  • John Lennox
  • Sir John Polkinghorne
  • Amy Beckman
  • Elizabeth Lev
  • … and many more

Is God simply an accessory that we carry with us? Something similar to what we might download from a music site to suit our personal tastes—a personal assistant in a way? Or is He His law, His structure, and His authoritative Word contained in the Holy Scripture, an objective reality to which you daily shape your life? If we believe or know we should believe that it’s the latter, how do we make this happen? How do we live joyfully under God’s will in a world so drenched in the will of human desire?

Lighthouse Faith explores the heart of the Christian doctrine and a pathway of perceiving God as an interactive hands-on presence; a caring and loving being. The first commandment is a life-giving force loaded with information about the world in which we live. This law stands atop the other nine commandments as a beacon of light, illuminating the created order, just as a lighthouse lamp shines in a darkened space, heralding a way to safety.

This week the Cross Focused Reviewers share their thoughts on Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog by Lauren Green (W Publishing Group, 2017)

“This is a challenging book from start to finish and one we all need in these days we are living. One well worth the time to read!”
Reviewer: Joanne Viola
Rating: 5 Stars

“Green’s book was still an enjoyable read. Her prose was vivid and compelling, and her personal stories were genuine and heartfelt”
Reviewer: James Pate
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is her faith journey as she travels over all of God’s creation seeing His work manifest in ways and in places she did not expect. I would recommend this book…”
Reviewer: Dan Doll
Rating: 4 Stars

“…this book will certainly cause something to stir inside you in such a way that you question the status quo. To the point that you begin to look for the light in your dark night is the point where you begin to understand the journey of people everywhere. They can hear the fog horn and see the light from the water but aren’t sure how to get there. Be that person who points them in the right direction and help them answer their questions in their pursuit of the light. This book will help you do that.”
Reviewer: Don Haflich
Rating: 4 Stars

“The eye of faith stands behind her work and many will benefit from her simple approach and sometimes deeply personal life-lessons.”
Reviewer: Robert Hayton
Rating: 3 Stars

“As a pastor, one of the things I appreciated was the anecdotes scattered throughout to illustrate the points. Her seasoned work as a reporter has given her windows into some incredibly helpful stories that help illustrate many different themes that come up in my preaching. They were consistently helpful, engaging and would give real life examples of why these things matter.”
Reviewer: Aaron Meservey
Rating: 5 Stars

“As someone who enjoys a book on current issues and theology, I enjoyed this book for primarily two reasons. The first is that Lauren Green writes from a perspective that is greatly influenced by God and His word. Second, her way of writing is inspiring as she uses imagery, symbolism and anecdotes to reel the reader in and while there, hits it home with strong gospel truths.”
Reviewer: Krista Rodriguez
Rating: 5 Stars

“…the book is well written and constantly points you to the master of the seas, Jesus Christ.”
Reviewer: Rosemary Swinehart
Rating: 5 Stars

Don’t miss this exclusive interview!

Shaun had the chance to sit down with Lauren Green at the National Religious Broadcasters conference earlier this month in Orlando. Listen to their conversation below:

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