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Treasures in Dark Places by Leanna Cinquanta
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Skinny-armed toddlers with wide, hungry eyes and bloated bellies watched us beneath thatched eaves, a black string around their waists and heavy mascara smeared around their eyes to fend off the demons. Their rescue and freedom were why I had come. But now that I was here, what was I, one small woman, to do in the face of overwhelming poverty and evil?

From the beautiful Himalayas to the mighty Ganges River of northern India, a soul-stealing spiritual darkness ravages the land. More than 35 million children are orphaned and destitute. Over 25,000 girls are abducted annually for sex trafficking. Dictators and loan sharks force millions into physical slavery while witch doctors and centuries old idol worship imprison even more in spiritual bondage.

God’s heart breaks for them. And in His great mercy, He called one unlikely young woman to shine His light in this dark place.

With warmth and disarming honesty, Leanna Cinquanta shares the rigors, heartaches and miraculous experiences of living hand-in-hand with God, invading the blackness and liberating His treasures. You will be amazed and encouraged at how the supernatural love of Jesus can transform not just one heart, but the hearts of a nation.

Praise for Treasures in Dark Places:

“Do you ever get tired of mundane, lifeless ‘Churchianity’ and long for the God of the Bible to burst out of man-made boxes and into action? If so, wait no longer. Leanna Cinquanta has experienced the compassion and power of God at work today and has captured some of those stunning stories in her book. Your heart will burn and your faith will be activated as she takes you on her journey of mystery and revelation, trial and triumph.”
-James W. Goll, bestselling author; founder, God Encounters

“Dr. Leanna Cinquanta is a spiritual daughter of mine, and I could not be more excited about what God is doing through her to spread the Gospel and rescue the broken in the nation of India. There are few more qualified than Leanna to write a book about treading fearlessly into the forgotten and dark places of the earth to reveal the light and hope of Jesus and pull out the gold in those trapped in a hopeless existence.

Treasures in Dark Places
is compelling, heart-wrenching and beautifully written. Leanna reminds us that the need in the earth may be great, but our God is so much greater. By reading Leanna’s call into ministry, her commissioning into the harvest field and ultimately her inspiring impact and transformative work in the nation of India, your faith will be awakened that you, too, are able to pierce darkness in the face of human tragedy–as 1 John 5:4 assures us, ‘Everyone born of God overcomes the world.'”
-Dr. Ché Ahn, founding pastor, HROCK Church, Pasadena, California; president, Harvest International Ministry; international chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

Leanna CinquantaAbout the Author:  Leanna Cinquanta (PhD, Regent University) is the founder of TellAsia Ministries and part of an international apostolic team. Through her influence, more than 10,000 churches have been planted in an area that was only 5 percent Christian. When not in India, she travels and speaks publicly, mobilizing others to invade dark places with God’s love and liberty.

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  • Publisher:  Chosen Books
  • ISBN: 9780800798161
  • Page Count:  256 Pages

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Thank you for your interest in reviewing Treasures in Dark Places by Leanna Cinquanta. This blog tour is now full. You can see our current list of available review books here: LINK.