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Shaun Tabatt —  June 27, 2017
Pray About Everything: Cultivating God-Dependency Book Cover Pray About Everything: Cultivating God-Dependency
Paul Tautges
Shepherd Press
June 5, 2017

Believers need to learn to pray about everything, but so many unanswered questions hinder our progress.

  • What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name?
  • How do I pray for my non-Christian friends?
  • When does the Holy Spirit pray for me?

In this book, a seasoned pastor and counselor answers these questions—and many more—by effectively instructing us with biblical principles, examples, and commands. By doing so, he encourages us to develop a life of prayer. Pastors, elders, and small group leaders will also find this book an indispensable help to cultivating an atmosphere of God-dependency in their local church.

Pray About Everything delivers an urgent call for believers to commit themselves to regular and systematic heartfelt prayer as an essential spiritual discipline for the Christian life.

Who should read this book?

  • Christians at varying stages of maturity
  • Small-group or prayer-group leaders
  • Preachers, ministers, Bible teachers
  • Worship leaders
  • Church prayer leaders

This week the Cross Focused Reviewers are sharing their thoughts about Paul Tautges’ new book Pray About Everything.

“This book is a good balance of theological and practical matters so that when one finishes this study, they will have a better understanding of what prayer is…”
Reviewer: Dan Doll
Rating: 5 Stars

“I hope that other pastors will read this book and be inspired to place a renewed emphasis on prayer in their churches.”
Reviewer: Steven Dressen
Rating: 5 Stars

“Because most of the chapters can be read in about ten minutes’ time, this book is great for personal devotions or Bible study groups because it leave you enough time to put into practice what you’re talking about.”
Reviewer: Andrew Wencl
Rating: 5 Stars

“…100 pages packed full of information to help send you on your way to a deeper study or set you up in a sermon, or small group discussion to a Bible Study just from this book. ”
Reviewer: Rosemary Swinehart
Rating: 5 Stars

“…a handbook, providing succinct instruction for leader and layman alike.”
Reviewer: Lesley Eischen
Rating: 4 Stars

“This book will be one to turn to again and again and to give as gifts to those who have questions about prayer and who don’t need to get bogged down with information. “Pray About Everything” is short and simple, but includes a wealth of information and help.”
Reviewer: Jill Jones
Rating: 5 Stars

“This was a good info-packed, yet concise and easy-to-read book on prayer. It gave a good practicality to prayer which is important. It was presented in a gospel-centered way. For all of those reasons, I really enjoyed this book. More books are needed like this on prayer. You will benefit from reading it.”
Reviewer: Angela Parsley
Rating: 4 Stars

“Tautges is right. His presentation and process are Scriptural. His book leads us to go forth and pray.”
Reviewer: Peter Butler, Jr.
Rating: 5 Stars

“I can’t recommend this book enough. The Body of Christ today is malnourished and suffering from a lack of prayer in it’s spiritual diet. Pray About Everything is a gift to the Church and I am hoping.. I am praying that it will be picked up and read by a significant majority of the Church and through it, we might bring glory and honor to our Lord as we grow in grace and sanctification.”
Reviewer: Aaron Cerda
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is far from a full-orbed treatment on prayer. But it is not intended to be so. Rather, the author intended to help the reader understand his/her dependency upon God and how that is manifested in prayer, not only in the individual’s life but also in the life of the larger church body. The book certainly accomplishes that task and is a wonderful resource for any believer to work through… As you work through the truths of this book, you will find yourself learning how to implement its principles into your prayer life for years to come.”
Reviewer: Zack Ford
Rating: 5 Stars

“… Gospel-centered, biblical book that will aid the reader in praying according to God’s will as revealed in Scripture. These are the kinds of prayers that God promises to answer.”
Reviewer: Elizabeth Hankins
Rating: 4 Stars

“I am thankful for Tautges and this excellent book. I recommend it for the prayer section of every pastor’s library.”
Reviewer: Chrys Jones
Rating: 4 Stars

” I would highly recommend this book to all church leaders. The church needs to get back to corporate prayer, especially now, in these troubling times.”
Reviewer: Denise McFarland
Rating: 4 Stars

“This short and convicting book points us to thankfulness and reasons for prayer–as well as reasons for suffering.”
Reviewer: Melissa Merritt
Rating: 4 Stars

“Tautges shows his heart for churches to let go of self-dependency and grasp the life-giving God-dependency found in the gospel. As a pastor, I would recommend this book to anyone struggling to cultivate a consistent and meaningful prayer life, and I intend on using it with my own congregation.”
Reviewer: Ryan Reed
Rating: 4 Stars

“I gladly recommend Paul Tautge’s Pray About Everything: Cultivating God-Dependency to every church member and church leader who desires to be a contributing part of a praying church.”
Reviewer: Theron St. John
Rating: 5 Stars

“I appreciated this little book. It stirred my heart toward the LORD.”
Reviewer: Cheryl Stansberry
Rating: 5 Stars

“I would encourage pastors and small group leaders with teaching responsibilities to look at this book. The devotionals are tailorable, and I think the format and content is beneficial.”
Reviewer: Asa Veek
Rating: 4 Stars

“His sermonettes are short but meaningful as he provides significant substance in short pieces.”
Reviewer: Aaron Meservey
Rating: 4 Stars

“…a brief but powerful book on a subject that can never be exhausted or perfected. It is simply our lifeline to God and His spirit.”
Reviewer: Gradon Schaub
Rating: 4 Stars

“With his book Pray About Everything, Paul Tautges has done something unique: he reminds us that prayer is not a solitary activity. This book is helpful call for pastors, churches and laypersons to remember the importance of the church not only praying for each other, but with each other.”
Reviewer: Louis Zinc
Rating: 5 Stars

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