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Shaun Tabatt —  October 12, 2016
The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life: Connecting Christ to Human Experienc Book Cover The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life: Connecting Christ to Human Experienc
Jeremy Pierre
New Growth Press
October 3, 2016

Our approach to counseling and personal ministry is often lopsided—we treat people as minds to be taught or problems to be fixed, moving too quickly toward applying biblical solutions without taking the time to love people well and understand their experiences and hurts.

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life provides a comprehensive view of how the heart works and how Christ redeems it. Pierre’s faith-centered understanding of people combines with a Word-centered methodology to give readers a practical way to help others better understand their tough experiences and who they are in light of who Jesus is. Pierre guides readers through four key activities—reading, reflecting, relating, and renewing—that will consistently position them to understand everyday human experiences in light of Scripture.

Pierre exposes the false dichotomy between the spiritual and seemingly unspiritual parts of the human experience, showing how every thought, feeling, and choice actually expresses the spiritual activity of the heart. He shows how faith in Christ is the means by which the heart begins to respond differently. Faith is not only the entry point for heart change, but also an expression of our everyday, ongoing need for Christ.

Pierre’s holistic view of counseling—forged by his experiences as a counselor, pastor, and seminary professor—equips readers to understand how everyday beliefs, desires, and commitments shape how we respond to life’s biggest struggles and how an active relationship of trust in God is the foundation for lifelong change.

The Cross Focused Reviewers share their thoughts on The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life: Connecting Christ to Human Experience by Jeremy Pierre (New Growth Press, 2016).

“I really enjoyed the reading of this book. I don’t think that I realized how often my responses to myself and to others are shaped by something that doesn’t have anything to do with the actual interaction that I’ve just had. Instead, my beliefs and feelings are always shaping my heart’s response, and those that I interact with are not always able to see why I have reacted in a way that seems to be unhelpful, overblown or simply wrong.”
Reviewer: Rebecca Ray
Rating: 5 Stars

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life, is a book that can show us how to get back to the basics on just loving on others. The simplicity of it is actually the meat of the whole operation. A great book for beginners in ministry as well as long time veterans that need a fresh approach.”
Reviewer: Jalynn Patterson
Rating: 5 Stars

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life is about the desires of the heart and how they can lead to problems in life. The book offers guidance about how one can counsel someone else and help that person to identify and apply Christ-centered solutions… Pierre is clear that this is a process and that many people do not do it perfectly.”
Reviewer: James Pate
Rating: 4 Stars

“The book is very readable and contains many helpful insights. Will be a good reference for future use.”
Reviewer: Michael Taylor
Rating: 4 Stars

“This book is good for pastors who want to understand more of how to help people in their daily walk with Jesus as well in times of trouble. This would also be a good book for every member to read with others to understand the theology of the human experience.”
Reviewer: Chris Land
Rating: 5 Stars

“If you want to address a vital part of biblical counseling, the human heart, aside from certain Puritans I can’t think of a better book to pick up. As a disclaimer I will add I was a member of Clifton Baptist Church where Jeremy Pierre serves as an elder and developed a great deal of respect for him, he exemplifies what he teaches in this work.”
Reviewer: Steven Dressen
Rating: 5 Stars

“I found The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life to present a strong, biblical perspective on common struggles, along with very practical helps in working through these struggles. It’s not a quick read, but worthy of chewing on as you go. This book will be helpful for pastors, counselors, and believers who simply want to work out their own salvation (Phil 2:12) and walk side-by-side with others in this same pursuit.”
Reviewer: Suzanne Jackson
Rating: 5 Stars

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Not only was it a good introduction to the human interaction aspect of counseling, but it was also a great resource for looking into my own heart on a daily basis. As a natural thinker, I am wired to reject the emotional aspects of my heart to the extent that I fail to notice the impact my emotions have on my thinking and my actions. I am thankful for this excellent work by Dr. Pierre and look forward to using this as an essential tool in my biblical counseling ministry.”
Reviewer: Chrys Jones
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is an excellent biblically based resource for pastors, ministers, and counselors who desire to serve their parishioners and clients well. It is a great side table guide to better understand how the gospel applies to the dynamic heart of people in every day life.”
Reviewer: Zach Kendrick
Rating: 4 Stars

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life is an excellent book on understanding the human heart, how the heart responds to it’s surroundings and how one should counsel others. I am very thankful for this book and it will certainly be a book that I reference in the future.”
Reviewer: Joey Parker
Rating: 4 Stars

“This book has helped me to see more clearly the nature and causes of inner conflict that I often experience due to conscience and the dynamic interplay between what I know, what I actually love (tainted by sin) and what I want to do because of circumstances or desire to please others. Because this is often complicated, the framework and the suggested questions in the third section helped me sort out the reasons for my response in certain troubling situations and thereby helped me to pursue the right remedy for a more Godly response.”
Reviewer: William Perkins
Rating: 5 Stars

“Pierre equips counselors, pastors, and caretakers by clearly explaining the points he makes, by taking seriously the complexity of the subject, and by teaching a comprehensive understanding of the heart. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for any Christian who desires to be equipped in caring and counseling by grasping the complexities of the dynamic heart.”
Reviewer: Theron St. John
Rating: 5 Stars

“…you should get a copy of this book. It will help if you are a minister and will help all Christians understand what God has revealed about those created in His image, in His word.”
Reviewer: Ben Wilson
Rating: 5 Stars

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life is one of those books you will want to read more than once and study for better understanding both of your own walk with Christ and how to guide others in your sphere of influence. I would suggest it for pastors, counselors, women’s ministry leaders, older women who mentor younger women, and parents.”
Reviewer: Marcia Wilwerding
Rating: 5 Stars

“You’ll find deep tones of education, research but also practicality for the purpose of applying the book’s principles to your life. Pierre has furnished a solid book that will be a tool for the days to come as we seek to lead people to God.”
Reviewer: Louis Zinc
Rating: 5 Stars

“Pierre’s call is for counselors to dig deep and help counselees not only gain an understanding of how their outside influences affect their lives but respond rightly to them and not allow them to lead away from biblical living.”
Reviewer: Joe Westbrook
Rating: 4 Stars

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  • Tania Stanwood

    This one looks good, I will have to read it for sure. I am reading Tom Gehring’s book The Problem Solver which I’ve needed lately. It’s such a good book, get’s us back to who we should go to when we have problems in life.