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Shaun Tabatt —  October 10, 2016
A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue Book Cover A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue
The Rwendigo Tales
J. A. Myhre
New Growth Press
September 26, 2016

African rebels. Stolen girls. Illegal logging. A dangerous cobra. Join eleven-year-old Kiisa and her messenger bird, Njili, on a thrilling rescue mission in the heart of Africa and learn with them the true meaning of bravery and the value of forgiveness in the second page-turning book in J. A. Myhre’s The Rwendigo Tales.

The Cross Focused Reviewers share their thoughts on A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue By J. A. Myhre.

A Girl, a Bird, and a Rescue itself is a delight… It’s also based on real events, which makes it so special! Just right for reading aloud, the characters carry a sense of magic and the impossible beauty of the African jungle. ”
Reviewer: Diana Gardenhour
Rating: 4 Stars

“The novel is very well-written, and Myhre is a natural storyteller. It is definitely a page-turner!… A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue is a story that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, which is often rare to find.”
Reviewer: H. Marshall
Rating: 5 Stars

“Thank you, Ms. Myhre, for a heartwarming read & your generosity toward the least of these who can’t defend themselves. Ultimately, the good read & the donation make the purchase a win-win for everyone. Buy it–you’ll like it.”
Reviewer: Jackie McBride
Rating: 5 Stars

A Bird, a Girl and a Rescue with its twists, turns, nod to local African culture, sports scenes, and talking animals known as Messengers, is appealing for adults and youth alike. For those unfamiliar with African culture, the glossary of terms on pages 128 – 130 is most helpful.”
Reviewer: Becky Miller
Rating: 4 Stars

“It is a great short read that will have you wondering from page one. A great little story about A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue.”
Reviewer: Jalynn Patterson
Rating: 5 Stars

“As the story progresses we see the main character develop courage, learn the value of forgiveness and experience the forging of surprising friendships. The story is realistic, portraying evil as well as good. This book is listed for ages 8-12, but I would make it 8-adult.”
Reviewer: William Perkins
Rating: 4 Stars

“There’s a good message about forgiveness and grace, and the rescue mission is intriguing so overall it would make a good story for young readers.”
Reviewer: Kim Pina
Rating: 4 Stars

“Beyond the gripping nature of the story itself is the description of the unsugarcoated nature of evil in our world and the right kind of courage in its presence. This story challenges our children to be righteously courageous in our world. I recommend it.”
Reviewer: Jimmy Reagan
Rating: 5 Stars

A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue was written first and foremost to J.A. Myhre’s own children as a Christmas present. This makes her writing personal and deeply impactful. Myhre is telling the story which became her reality as she moved to Africa to help children, and she does an excellent job of taking that story to the world.”
Reviewer: Chrys Jones
Rating: 4 Stars

“As much as can be said about the content of the novel, the cause is even greater: “Half of the author proceeds from this book will go directly into a fund that enables orphans to receive an excellent education.” In sum, A Bird, A Girl, and A Rescue is a book for young people full of biblical imagery that is culturally-informing.”
Reviewer: Theron St. John
Rating: 4 Stars

A Bird, A Girl, and a Rescue is a book that children will enjoy reading and one which parents should rush to read to their children. There are many teachable moments and the storyline (based on events which happen to real people) will encourage your children to take an interest in atrocities which are foreign to their experience, but a stark reality in many places around the world. This was a wonderful book and I can’t wait to read it to my children.”
Reviewer: Aaron Cerda
Rating: 5 Stars

“Besides being a great book to read as a homeschooler, it would also be a great book to read aloud as a family. Even as an adult, I found the story to be quite good and one that reaches through the ages to provide both entertainment and lessons to learn. ”
Reviewer: Monica Huyser
Rating: 5 Stars

“I rarely read fiction books but I wanted to give A Bird, A Girl, and a Rescue by J. A. Myhre a try… The author intersperses common Luwendigo words within the story. A glossary is in the back which defines each one. This aspect of the book allows kids to see a word in another language which I think they would find very interesting.”
Reviewer: Debbie Crawford
Rating: 3 Stars

“Overall, a fascinating read and great to read a book set in modern Africa… The book is designed for children from about 8-11.”
Reviewer: Sarah Jones
Rating: 3 Stars

“My suspicion is that young readers will be taken in by this short story and the practical lessons will serve them well.”
Reviewer: David Steele
Rating: 3 Stars

“If you are looking for a positive gift for your young reader, this is a great choice!”
Reviewer: Hillary Cobb
Rating: 4 Stars

“Young readers will enjoy the fun and adventure aspects of the story. Older readers – and adults – will hopefully gain a little insight into the tension of living in a politically-corrupt area with the ever-present danger of guerrilla warfare.”
Reviewer: Mandy Johnson
Rating: 4 Stars

“In all, this is a great book. My boys (nine and six) all loved it and gave it two thumbs up. The language was often a stretch for the six-year-old, but he was still able to follow along, and my nine-year-olds were fully immersed in the action. I’ve no doubt they’ll read this book on their own in the coming years.”
Reviewer: James Korsmo
Rating: 5 Stars

“I’ve greatly enjoyed this series so far. It’s a pleasure to tuck these lovely stories away on our shelf for my boys! As a side note, I’ve also loved the beautiful covers, and I’m thrilled that they go together so nicely! It’s always even more pleasurable to add beautiful stories to our shelves when they have beautiful covers.”
Reviewer: Tammy Shelnut
Rating: 5 Stars

“I think this book would be enjoyed by many preteens, as well as those a little older or younger. It could also be a wonderful story for families to read and talk about together… By all means, enjoy this story for yourself, then pass it along to a niece or a kid at church. You’ll both be edified as you see God at work among the Messengers and in Kiisa’s courageous heart.”
Reviewer: Sarah White
Rating: 5 Stars

“The plot was engaging and moved at a good pace… I haven’t read the first book yet, and I did not see any reason that you would need to read it first in order to appreciate this book, since though the family and setting are the same, the stories seem to be completely independent.”
Reviewer: Michelle Woods
Rating: 4 Stars

“As with most well-written juvenile literature, this story is meant for young adults, but adults traveling with them will be thankful for the ride. A Bird, a girl, and a Rescue can’t replace a trip to rural Africa. But for one percent of the cost of an airline ticket it is a highly recommend stand-in”
Reviewer: William Boekestein
Rating: 5 Stars

“This is a very enjoyable book and can lead to fruitful discussions about one’s purpose and value in life.”
Reviewer: Peter Butler, Jr.
Rating: 4 Stars

“I would recommend this to any young girl or boy who is interested in reading about another world, but not just one in fantasy. One that can be visited and experienced here and now. I will definitely be offering this book to my daughter when she’s old enough.”
Reviewer: Hannah Christmas
Rating: 5 Stars

“I highly recommend this book for all juvenile readers. It would make an excellent present. Half of the royalties from the sales of this book help enable children receive an education.”
Reviewer: Rani Grant
Rating: 5 Stars

“I cannot recommend this book enough because of it’s adventuresome nature and it’s cultural challenge. This book covers everything from adventure to rescue to culture to imagination…”
Reviewer: Louis Zinc
Rating: 4 Stars

“Myhre’s story of a young African girl comes to life from page one. This exciting and fun fantasy, adventure story is one that children will absolutely enjoy.”
Reviewer: Sydney Anderson
Rating: 5 Stars

“I haven’t found many books, like this one, that both adults and children will walk away with a lot from… and this is one of them. I can see myself and my children, especially my daughter, reading and re reading this book. Easily adding to the “Via Bella Top Reads” this year!”
Reviewer: Via Bella
Rating: 5 Stars

“As an adult, I even enjoyed the tale – it would be fun to read to my children when they are a little bit older. The characters were described well and the illustrations sprinkled through out this chapter book were a fun addition. The cover was beautiful and intriguing.”
Reviewer: Cindy Cook
Rating: 4 Stars

“The story contains adventure, danger, and bravery like none other. It is captivating and I can almost guarantee that not only will you love it, but so will your sons and daughters. This is a book that will stay on my shelf so my kids and I can read it over and over – and that doesn’t happen very often.”
Reviewer: Amanda Talbert
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book will lead readers on an intriguing adventure that will have both children and adults eager to know what happens next.”
Reviewer: Vanessa Small
Rating: 4 Stars

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