Available for Review: Living in the Light: Money, Sex & Power by John Piper

Shaun Tabatt —  April 6, 2016

Living in the Light: Money, Sex and Power by John PiperThank you for your interest in reviewing Living in the Light. This blog tour is now full. You can see our current list of available review books here: LINK.

Whether we’re rich or poor, married or single, in a position of great influence or not—all of us face temptation in the areas of money, sex and power. They are the dangerous opportunities of our time—opportunities to destroy our own souls, or to experience the true joy of using them for God’s glory. John Piper shows us that when we have the blazing glory of Christ at the center of our spiritual solar system, the planets of money, sex and power find their true and beautiful orbits.

This book is for every Christian and will help you to wake up to the all-satisfying glory of God, and discover what you were made for.

Table of Contents:

1. Definitions and Foundations
2. The Pleasure-Destroying Dangers of Sex
3. The Wealth-Destroying Dangers of Money
4. The Self-Destroying Dangers of Power
5. Deliverance: The Return of the Sun to the Center
6. Deployment: The New Orbits for Money, Sex, and Power

Praise for Living in the Light:

“This new book is timely and deserves careful consideration by every Christian. It is a theologically rich, biblically faithful exploration of potential stumbling blocks to enjoying God: sex, money, and power. In these pages you will discover not only the spiritual danger of setting your hope in the things of this world but how, as Christians, we can understand sex, money, and power in ways that display God’s glory.”
-R. Albert Mohler, Jr

“If you do not daily wrestle with temptations in the areas of money, sex, or power, it is only because you have surrendered to these temptations. Every Christian must confront our common pull to make idols in these areas. In this book, John Piper equips us to fight temptation by firing up our affections for the glory of God in Jesus Christ. He wisely shows us not only what to avoid, but how to rightly enjoy money, sex, and power as part of a life conformed to Christ through the gospel. I expect to give this book to many friends and fellow combatants in this spiritual war.”
-Russell Moore

John PiperAbout the Author:
John Piper is founder and teacher of Desiring God Ministries and chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary. For 33 years, he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is author of more than 50 books.

Book Information:

  • Publisher: The Good Book Company
  • ISBN: 9781784980511
  • Page Count: 160

Blog Tour Details:

  • Tour Dates:  May 3-8, 2016
  • Available Formats:  Hardcover (Continental US Only), .mobi ebook (Kindle), and .epub ebook (Nook, Apple iBooks)
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Thank you for your interest in reviewing Living in the Light. This blog tour is now full. You can see our current list of available review books here: LINK.

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