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Shaun Tabatt —  March 14, 2016
Pitchin' A Fit!: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting Book Cover Pitchin' A Fit!: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting
Israel & Brook Wayne
New Leaf Press
March 4, 2016

ANGER DESTROYS FAMILIES. You don’t have to let it destroy yours.

Parenting comes with stresses that can make the most laid-back among us feel irritable, frustrated, and angry. Even parents who sincerely love their children sometimes use the wrong methods of anger and frustration in an attempt to control their children. But angry parenting doesn’t just weaken relationships between parents and their children; it can, over time, destroy them. Few parents set out to become yelling meanies who no longer enjoy their children. Yet many feel stuck, unable to pull themselves out of their ugly habits. This book:

  • Provides practical and biblical solutions to get to the other side of the issue
  • Gives hope and freedom from the tyranny of stressed-out and angry parenting
  • Offers solutions that are ideal for any family.

If anger is in your home even in small ways this book is for you. It is time to replace that anger with something more powerful: patience and peace. Israel and Brook share candidly from their experience as parents.

This week the Cross Focused Reviewers are sharing their thoughts on Pitchin’ A Fit!: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting by Israel & Brook Wayne (New Leaf Press, 2016).

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Excerpts from the reviews will be added below as they become available.

“The personal experiences, sound biblical insight, and helpful points to ponder provided by Israel and Brook Wayne in this book will be a bounty of help to parents. Take the insights they have to heart, add them to your parenting tool chest, and I am convinced that while the stress may not subside, your approach to stress will, leading to fewer episodes of angry parenting.”
Reviewer: Michael Boling
Rating: 5 Stars

“I highly recommend every parent obtain a copy of this book. Through the pages of this book, God has certainly spoken to my heart on the topics of anger, stress, fear, frustration, irritability, patience, and affirmation in a way that I have not experienced before. I am thankful that Israel and Brook are willing to faithfully and uncompromisingly stand on the sure foundation to discuss the topics in this book: and that sure foundation is God’s Word. With God all things are possible, even overcoming angry and stressed-out parenting!”
Reviewer: Michael Brown
Rating: 5 Stars

“The book is a very good compendium of advice and examination. The authors write in a user-friendly and conversational style that isn’t intimidating or condemning, but instead, reminds you that they are parents in the thick of the battle against their own pride and selfish desires that lead to angry words and feelings.”
Reviewer: Rebecca Ray
Rating: 5 Stars

“I would recommend this book to any and all parents, but especially those who struggle with yelling, who have anger issues, or who feel stressed out frequently. It has a lot of great insights and is written in a way that made me feel like I was sitting down to have coffee or tea with a veteran parent who understands me, has “been there,” and who is passing on some of their great wisdom.”
Reviewer: Shalynne Addison
Rating: 5 Stars

“Have you ever been in the position where you as the parent have made the ill decision to lose your temper on your child? Okay if you are, which 99.99% of parents have, you can use this book. Even if you don’t raise your voice, you can use this book. Don’t be fooled that being angry is just yelling. It can be more internal and you don’t realize it!”
Reviewer: Via Bella
Rating: 4 Stars

“If you’re struggling with angry, stressed-out parenting, I highly recommend Israel and Brook Wayne’s book, Pitchin’ A Fit!.”
Reviewer: Danika Cooley
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is written candidly, as the authors share their own experiences with anger, but also with hope as it provides practical and biblical solutions to stop yourself from angry parenting. If you’re struggling with angry parenting-even in just small ways-I encourage you try this book.”
Reviewer: Meghan Lombardo
Rating: 5 Stars

“I’m two chapters in and I have two pages of notes. Quotes I’ve written down, questions I want to discuss, and points I think are important to remember.”
Reviewer: Ticia Messing
Rating: 5 Stars

“I appreciated the lack of flowery language. No rehashing or cliché fillers. I appreciated the directness and moving on. Some of it will apply, some of it won’t. But you won’t have to sit through thick, belabored points or irrelevant stories before you get to what does apply.”
Reviewer: Michele Newman
Rating: 5 Stars

“There is hope for the stressed-out, angry mom. I know you don’t want stress and anger to drive you, your home, or your parenting. After reading through Pitchin’ a Fit, I truly believe that this book and it’s contents can be a game-changer in families. In my family. In your family. True peace and patience is possible.”
Reviewer: Amanda Pelser
Rating: 5 Stars

“t is not an easy fix, nothing worth anything is ever easy. But, it is a simple solution. It all comes back to Jesus Christ. And, that’s what I love about this parenting book!”
Reviewer: Clarissa West
Rating: 5 Stars

“Even if you are not a parent, you will gain much from this honest approach to stress, its causes and its results if left unchecked… this book will pinpoint some areas that all of us, no matter how experienced we are as parents, need to examine in our own parenting “skills.””
Reviewer: Todd Wilson
Rating: 5 Stars

“I encourage all parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else who has children in their care to read this little book with an open mind and a prayerful heart. It is never too late to begin afresh in the grace of God. So much damage in our homes and future homes could be averted if we would only take counsel from God’s word.”
Reviewer: Marcia Wilwerding
Rating: 5 Stars

“…even non-Christians would benefit from this book as it has practical examples of how to instill responsibility in children, how to apologize to your children, etc. I recommend this book for everyone!”
Reviewer: Marjolaine Belley
Rating: 4 Stars

“If you are a Christian parent with young children, you need this book! ”
Reviewer: Kimberly Charron
Rating: 4 Stars

“I wish this book were around when we were first starting to raise our kids. If you want a renewed perspective for your parenting, don’t even wait, order a copy now, it’s that good.”
Reviewer: Annette Economides
Rating: 5 Stars

“In Pitchin’ A Fit, you will learn to recognize your triggers to having a fit. You will learn ways to deal with things before you get to the fit…”
Reviewer: Betty Eisenhour
Rating: 5 Stars

“Raising godly kids is hard work, but God gives us His strength each day and He will help us overcome the issues that keep us from being the kind of parent we were made to be. Pitchin a Fit by Israel and Brook Wayne is one book that God can use to help us in this area.”
Reviewer: Cheri Gamble
Rating: 5 Stars

“There is so much more practical truth to unpack from this book. And the scripture used throughout the pages of this book is alive and actively changing my view of myself, my husband, my children, and others.”
Reviewer: Anne Marie Gosnell
Rating: 5 Stars

“For me personally, I am a single mom of 5 kids, so I tend to get a little stressed out and impatient at times, which ca lead to some angry parenting, even on small scales. This book helped me realize where I was going wrong and how a few tweaks can put an end to so many of the struggles I was having with my kids. Do I still have power struggles, sure, but not nearly like I was having or on the same level. I easily can recommend this book to help out parents in need!”
Reviewer: Jennifer Greene
Rating: 5 Stars

“What I took most from this book (which I knew, but it definitely confirmed in my heart that I have work to do!), is that though I do need to continuously work on my children and discipline in my home, I have MUCH more work to do on my own habits and heart.”
Reviewer: Tracy Lambert
Rating: 5 Stars

“Even if you are like me and have been striving in this area for a long time, reading all the books and praying all the prayers, Pitchin’ a Fit gives some unique perspectives and practical approaches that are worth looking into.”
Reviewer: Tauna Meyer
Rating: 5 Stars

“In Pitchin’ A Fit!: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting Israel and Brook Wayne, Christian authors and speakers, discuss the corrosive effects of anger in the home. Their book addresses both practical methods for change, such as recognizing and avoiding the types of circumstances that tend to trigger anger, as well as the spiritual dimension of fleeing a life of wrath.”
Reviewer: Anna Mussmann
Rating: 4 Stars

“I cannot recommend this book heartedly enough. It is relational, it is Scriptural, it is confrontational in the best way. A book that creates a desire to mortify sin and glorify God in all things is a very good thing indeed, and this is just what Pitchin’ A Fit does for the parent struggling with the sin of anger.”
Reviewer: Cheryl Stansberry
Rating: 5 Stars

“I think this is a book that every single parent should read. It is easy to read, down to earth, honest, right on your level, and will help you feel encouraged and not alone in this journey.”
Reviewer: Amanda Talbert
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is a very good choice for moms who don’t have a lot of time to read but are looking for an actionable plan for overcoming angry parenting.”
Reviewer: Jennifer Thorson
Rating: 5 Stars

“I would recommend this book to any parent. It’s too important of an issue for parents not to address. Our children learn how to react to life and others through us, if as parents we leave a legacy of anger it will bear poisonous fruit in the lives of our children.”
Reviewer: Steven Dressen
Rating: 5 Stars

“This is a good and practical book for any parent.”
Reviewer: Sherry Legan
Rating: 4 Stars

“I recommend this book wholeheartedly for Christian parents dealing with anger issues of their own, or for parents trying to find help for anger in their children. By helping identify root causes of anger, a parent will be in a position to better help her children (or herself) overcome the problems by addressing them properly.”
Reviewer: Malia Russell
Rating: 4 Stars

“I cannot recommend this book enough and it is going to be the first I tell people about now when they ask for books on parenting.”
Reviewer: Melissa Williamson
Rating: 5 Stars

“The reader will walk away equipped to identify issues that lead to anger and create a more harmonious environment for their families.”
Reviewer: April Nourse
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book has helped our family with 4 children. They are all different personalities and with outside pressures and expectations anger is bound to present itself. ”
Reviewer: Julie Smith
Rating: 5 stars

“Israel Wayne, in conjunction with his wife, Brook, has once again put out a tremendous volume that is practical, relatable, and convicting… I would gladly recommend this book to all who are parents or those thinking about becoming parents.”
Reviewer: Joe Westbrook
Rating: 5 Stars

“By first looking at anger, the Waynes guide their readers to see where it fits rightly, or not, into our lives as well as helping figure out what triggers it in our own lives.”
Review: Michele Pleasants
Rating: 5 Stars

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