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Shaun Tabatt —  February 8, 2016
Ready to Return: Bringing Back the Church's Lost Generation Book Cover Ready to Return: Bringing Back the Church's Lost Generation
Ken Ham
Master Books
September 7, 2015

Having grown up in church, an alarming percentage of people have now traded in the timeless beliefs of Scripture for a more comfortable, postmodern faith or secular worldview. They have waded so deep into the culture that the current has swept them away with the pluralism of biblical compromise and secular indoctrination. Ready to Return explores:

  • Why this is happening, and more importantly, what can be done about it to help bring back a godly generation
  • New persuasive research that clearly reveals shocking details about views on the Church and faith by people in their 20s, known as millennials
  • Conclusive evidence we cannot ignore, showing a lack of effective biblical apologetics in homes and churches, compromise with secular beliefs, secular education, and failures on the part of previous generations, contributes greatly to this dilemma.

Within these pages is more than just a clinical diagnosis of the Church's current condition and how we got here. It's a simple and powerful call to return to the Church's fundamental mission to reach the world!

If we are to bring back this lost generation, we need a proven strategy and willingness to present truth, a biblical battle plan, and spiritual soldiers.

The Cross Focused Reviewers share their thoughts on Ready to Return: Bringing Back the Church’s Lost Generation by Ken Ham (Master Books, 2015).

“Ham’s book is a call to action and a timely one… This is a book I highly recommend for all believers, in particular elementary, middle school, and high school pastors, parents, and anyone who regularly engages with youth, small or ready to go off to college.”
Reviewer: Michael Boling
Rating: 5 Stars

“Too often, we have thrown up our hands and said, “you just have to believe on faith” – as though there was neither apologetic or historical proof for the claims of Christianity. But there are, and our chief need is to learn them and learn how to present them to help our children grow up to be strong believers and – by God’s Grace – to bring back the church’s lost generation.”
Reviewer: Peter Butler Jr.
Rating: 4 Stars

“Much of the book focuses on the dire shape of the church in America. The authors view one of the key causes for the departure of many young adults from the life of the church as owing to the fact that many in the church have compromised the biblical teaching regarding creation. Churches either ignore the issues altogether or make allowances for the prevailing secular worldview in espousing an old earth or theistic evolution.”
Reviewer: Steven Dressen
Rating: 3 Stars

Ready to Return is filled with information on why people are leaving the church and how to bring them back… I recommend it to all parents, church leaders, and those who work with those in their twenties.”
Reviewer: Rani Grant
Rating: 4 Stars

“We need more leaders like Ken Ham and the like who fight for the biblical worldview with unwavering resolve. Praise God for raising more leaders to bring back our future generations.”
Reviewer: Don Haflich
Rating: 4 Stars

“The research is at once fascinating and heartbreaking. His assessments of why we are where we are seem spot on… This book is a fine resource!”
Reviewer: Jimmy Reagan
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is a good wake-up call for teachers/pastors/parents that we need good solid Bible teaching to help our kids know Jesus, not flashy gimmicks and watered down theology.”
Reviewer: Jonathan Roberts
Rating: 4 Stars

“During a time when more people are leaving churches that they have grown up in and post-modernism is increasing in popularity, this book couldn’t have been released as a better time… I definitely would recommend this book. My only regret is that I have not read Already Compromised and Already Gone – both referred to frequently in this book.”
Reviewer: Krista Rodriguez
Rating: 5 Stars

Ready to Return by Ken Ham is a great resource to wake the church up to the problem it is facing with this young generation leaving the church. While I do not necessarily agree with all of his points and his solutions, his heart for this generation is clear. The church must realize the issue we are facing and be willing to do something about it. Ken Ham is ready and he challenges the reader to be ready too.”
Reviewer: Theron St. John
Rating: 3 Stars

“This book is about bringing back the church’s lost generation, and I feel very strongly that this is something we “older” Christians must focus on.”
Reviewer: Amanda Talbert
Rating: 4 Stars

“The faithful must continue to be Word-centered. They cannot surrender this fight so easily. As long as they keep at it, there will come a time in which the young would become bored, disillusioned, or frustrated with the present world of plastic promises and come back to the solid Rock of Christ. It is only a matter of time before the younger generation grow up and realize the fundamental truths of the Bible. When that time comes, are we ready?”
Reviewer: Conrade Yap
Rating: 4 Stars

“…reading this book served as a potent reminder that as a Christian–and especially as a parent–I have a great deal of responsibility given to me. I trust that all reading this book will be both dismayed at the condition in which we now find ourselves and encouraged to take steps to correct our course, as a church and as a nation, before it is absolutely too late.”
Reviewer: Joe Westbrook
Rating: 5 Stars