Spurgeon’s Sorrows Blog Tour

Shaun Tabatt —  February 23, 2015
Spurgeon's Sorrows: Realistic Hope for those who Suffer from Depression Book Cover Spurgeon's Sorrows: Realistic Hope for those who Suffer from Depression
Zach Eswine
Christian Focus
December 20, 2014
144 pages

 Christians should have the answers, shouldn't they? Depression affects many people both personally and through the ones we love. Here Zack Eswine draws from C.H Spurgeon, 'the Prince of Preachers' experience to encourage us. What Spurgeon found in his darkness can serve as a light in our own darkness. Zack Eskwine brings you here, not a self-help guide, rather 'a handwritten note of one who wishes you well.'

This week, the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope for those who Suffer from Depression by Zach Eswine. Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“This is a a unique work that I receive as a gift to the church, a blessing I pray will really help people keep from giving up, and be a tool to help Christians minister to the despondent with confidence and humility.” Reviewer: Brian Mann Rating: 5 Stars

“I hope many Christians will read, learn from, and treasure the hope celebrated in this book. It is a tenderly written book from the heart of one who knows that “the sorrowing have a Savior.” Reviewer: Sarah White Rating: 5 Stars

“This book was the best book I have ever read on depression.” Reviewer: Angela Parsley Rating: 5 Stars

“I thought this book was very well done on a topic that can be easily swept under the rug.” Reviewer: Beth Saathoff Rating: 4 Stars

“All in all, what I’d say about this book is that pastors must read it.” Reviewer: Phil Auxier Rating: 4 Stars

“I highly recommend this book for all believers.” Reviewer: Mike Boling Rating: 5 Stars

“This short book should be read by individuals who suffer from depression, their family and friends, and counseling ministers.” Reviewer: Josh Torrey Rating: 5 Stars

“This book enables believers to be equipped and become more knowledgeable when handling cases of spiritual depression when it hits nearer home or within the community.” Reviewer: Conrade Yap Rating: 5 Stars

“Zack Eswine has provided the church with a book that will definitely be helpful to those who suffer with depression as well as informative for those who do not.” Reviewer: Joey Parker Rating: 4 Stars

“I highly recommend this book for those who do not understand the mind of the depressed and for those who are experiencing depression.” Reviewer: Debbie Crawford Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is a must for pastors and church leaders to read to equip them in helping someone overcome depression.” Reviewer: Chris Land Rating: 4 Stars

“This is a very readable and appealing book.” Reviewer: Beverly Terry Rating: 5 Stars

“I recommend this book to all those who support depressed people.” Reviewer: Annie Kate Aarnoutse Rating: 4 Stars

“This book is full of wisdom and grace and will serve the Church well.” Reviewer: Josh Skinner Rating: 4 Stars

Spurgeon’s Sorrows should be read by every Christian, especially those who have not struggled with depression.” Reviewer: Jennifer Guo Rating: 4 Stars

“This is a helpful book.” Reviewer: Alan Davey Rating: 4 Stars

This is the one book you have to read.”Reviewer: Chris Ho Rating: 5 Stars

“I highly recommend that you read the book yourself, if not to help yourself, to help others.” Reviewer: Bill Pence Rating: 5 Stars

“This is a great resource for both the depressed and those who have yet to experience it.” Reviewer: Louis Zinc Rating: 5 Stars

“I’ve read several books on depression, but this one is the most helpful.” Reviewer: William Perkins Rating: 5 Stars

“This is such a sweet book with considerate attitude for the broken heart.” Reviewer: Jeanie Schwagerman Rating: 5 Stars

“This is an easy to understand book on depression.” Reviewer: Stuart Brogden  Rating: 5 Stars

“I recommend the book and hope its message is a blessing and help to many.” Reviewer: Robert Hayton Rating: 4 Stars

“This is a book that deserves to be read widely, both by those who suffer with depression, and the rest of us — especially pastors — who want to care for those who suffer.” Reviewer: Darryl Dash Rating: 5 Stars

“This book taught me how to rightfully deal with people who suffer from depression.” Reviewer: Rachel Rodriguez Rating: 3 Stars