Ordinary: How to Turn the World Upside Down Blog Tour

Shaun Tabatt —  January 5, 2015
Ordinary: How to Turn the World Upside Down Book Cover Ordinary: How to Turn the World Upside Down
Tony Merida
B&H Publishing
January 1, 2015

What if the path toward an extraordinary life is becoming more ordinary?Ordinary is not a call to be more radical. If anything, it is a call to the contrary. The kingdom of God isn’t coming with light shows, and shock and awe, but with lowly acts of service. Tony Merida wants to push back against sensationalism and “rock star Christianity,” and help people understand that they can make a powerful impact by practicing ordinary Christianity.

Through things such as humble acts of service, neighbor love, and hospitality, Christians can shake the foundations of the culture. In order to see things happen that have never happened before, Christians must to do what Christians have always done­. Christians need to become more ordinary.

Let’s think together about how we, ordinary people, doing ordinary things, might turn the world upside down.

This week, the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for Ordinary: How to Turn the World Upside Down (B&H, 2015). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“I found this book to be challenging and insightful.
Reviewer: James Pate
Rating: 4 Stars

“This book will serve as a challenge for everyone in the church.”
Reviewer: Chris Land
Rating: 4 Stars

“I highly recommend it to anyone who is ordinary.”
Reviewer: Beverly Terry
Rating: 4 Stars

“This is a book that deserves to be read and read frequently.”
Reviewer: Andrew Spencer
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book has a nice easy pace, a conversational tone, and contains sound biblical principles for every Christian.”
Reviewer: Cheryl Hart
Rating: 3 Stars

Ordinary is an eye opening book to the need for mercy ministry within the church.”
Reviewer: Zach Kendrick
Rating: 3 Stars

“The author has done a great job of researching this subject and bringing it out to the public’s attention.”
Reviewer: Maryann Bell
Rating: 5 Stars

“This is an excellent resource for a Bible Study or small group, and would be a great starting place for a sermon series.”
Reviewer: Karl Dumas
Rating: 5 Stars

“The call of this book the call to the Christian life.”
Reviewer: Thereon St. John
Rating: 4 Stars

“This book would be a great personal study or group study for anyone wanting to do something great for God in ordinary ways.”
Reviewer: Michael Wilson
Rating: 5 Stars

“Read this book and you will be convicted to live a more humble, Christ-like life!”
Reviewer: Marjolaine Belley
Rating: 4 Stars

“Merida does a wonderful job of making the truth of Scripture on this subject very practical with many options of involvement.”
Reviewer: Taryn Raulston
Rating: 5 Stars

“This book is a fresh look at how believers can do “ordinary” things with a Kingdom focus for the glory of God and the good of others.”
Reviewer: Joey Parker
Rating: 3 Stars

“I highly recommend this excellent and thought-provoking book.”
Reviewer: Catherine Daugherty
Rating: 5 Stars

“Take the opportunity to challenge yourself with this new release.”
Reviewer: Cheri Strange
Rating: 5 stars

“I found this book to be easy to read ,with an argument and presentation that was easy to follow.”
Reviewer: Barry Simmons
Rating: 5 Stars

“I recommend this book to anyone seeking to be challenged regarding how they can get involved in ministering to others in extremely practical ways that shine the light of Christ in a dark world.”
Reviewer: Adam Blosser
Rating: 4 Stars

“This book will encourage any believer by remind them of what life in Christ is all about.”
Reviewer: Angela Parsley
Rating: 4 Stars

“I highly recommend Ordinary for lay Christians as well as church and ministry leaders who are interested in healthy application of the current call to justice being issued in the church today.”
Reviewer: Andrew Bondurant
Rating: 4 Stars

“If you read one book this year, Ordinary is the one to read.”
Reviewer: Rani Grant
Rating: 5 Stars

“The author writes in an easy to understand manner and one that will both challenge and inspire you.”
Reviewer: Matthew Lloyd
Rating: 4 Stars

“I highly recommend this book for every Christian.”
Reviewer: Cliff VanNostrand
Rating: 5 Stars

“This is a helpful and brief read that will encourage and challenge Christians to get out there and serve for God’s glory and honor to a lost world.”
Reviewer: Michael Taylor
Rating: 4 Stars

“If you struggle with the call to walk justly and keep God’s truth, I highly recommend this book.”
Reviewer: Jeanie Schwagerman
Rating: 5 stars

“This book made me want to live a more humble, giving life.”
Reviewer: Brooke Barone
Rating: 4 Stars

“Ordinary will guide the Christian into a greater understanding of what the Scripture teaches about Christian living.”
Reviewer Scott Slayton
Rating: 4 Stars

Ordinary is a call for Christians to serve like Jesus and to be His witness right where they are.”
Reviewer: Sara Shoop
Rating: 4 Stars

“This is a fantastic book and one that I will read again with an eye towards how should my life be different because of the Scripture’s view of the orphan, poor, and sick.” Reviewer: Spencer Cummins
Rating: 4 Stars

“Merida is a great writer and speaker and is grounded in Scripture. Therefore it’s hard to argue against his stance, because it’s not his stance, but God’s stance.”
Reviewer:  Louis Zinc
Rating:  3 Stars

“The author challenges his readers to get involved personally in the lives that God brings in our path and to be an advocate for social injustices such as lack of orphan care, sex-trafficking, abortion and other oppressions around the world.”
Reviewer: Debbie Crawford
Rating: 5 Stars

“A very down to earth read.”
Reviewer: Val Belley
Rating: 5 Stars