A Message To Our Reviewers

Shaun Tabatt —  May 16, 2014

Here at Cross Focused Reviews, we are excited to promote excellent Christian books. With that said, Shaun and I (Dave) are working hard to get you, the reviewer, good books to read/review. As part of a process we are working on, we would like to invite you to provide some feedback on a project. The idea for this project is to help you improve your reviews. In this post you’ll find find a google form. We would like you to fill out the form and leave feedback concerning your thoughts and/or questions you have regarding book reviews. The reason we are doing this is because we want to serve you better and help you grow as a reviewer. The goal of these articles is to take your questions from this form and answer them once a week. The more questions you ask, the more we will have to work with. We encourage you to tell your friends about Cross Focused Reviews. We are here to serve you and are just as excited as you are about promoting good Christian books. While I’m at it, I also want to thank you to all of you who regularly write reviews for us, or have written a review in the past. I look forward to working with you.

Serving with you for the glory of His name,

Dave Jenkins

Book Promotions Specialist, Cross Focused Reviews

  • Ann Beaulieu

    This is a great idea! I’ve completed the form. Thank you