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Shaun Tabatt —  January 20, 2014

Life in Christ by Jeremy WalkerThis week the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for Life In Christ: Becoming and Being a Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ by Jeremy Walker. Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“Walker does an excellent job of outlining what being a disciple and a child of God looks like, displacing notions of immaturity while calling the body of Christ to put aside that which so easily entangles us so we can press on towards maturity in the faith while declaring the message of the gospel with our mouths and with our lives, exuding a passion for the One who has saved us from bondage.”
Reviewer: Michael Boling (
Rating: 5 Stars

“Whether you are a new Christian or a mature saint, Life in Christ is theology at its finest, biblical, theological, and practical. I encourage you to pick up this book and I pray the Lord uses it to awaken His people to the precious truth of union with Christ.”
Reviewer: Dave Jenkins (
Rating: 5 Stars

“In a systematic way, Walker provides the reader with the steps that one could expect to live a life united to Christ. The chapters serve as the common touching points that all Christians pass on the journey, from (1) Looking to Christ to (8) A Life in Review, Pastor Walker encourages and challenges the Christian to look onward and upward.”
Reviewer: Ryan Rickard (
Rating: 5 Stars

“Jeremy Walker does an excellent job in his book, explaining first the gospel; that is the salvation message.  He then walks you through the next chapters, showing us that we are free, and no longer bound to sin.”
Reviewer: Mary Ann Bell (
Rating: 5 Stars

“Written from a pastor’s heart and a scholar’s mind, Life in Christ is an encouraging and challenging work.”
Reviewer: Steven Ruff (
Rating: 4 Stars

Life in Christ is essentially a modern day Puritan work. The language is rich, the examples are many and down to earth, and the passion of the author is unbridled. There is a certain timelessness to this book that makes me believe it will outlast popular books by Rick Warren or Francis Chan and find it’s home on the shelf next to the works of Richard Sibbes, Jeremiah Burroughs, and John Bunyan.”
Reviewer: Andrew Wencl (
Rating: 5 Stars

“The theological precision was marvelous and I was touched deeply by the truths on each page.”
Reviewer: Val Belley (
Rating: 5 Stars

Life in Christ encouraged me to reflect on my level of gratefulness for the spiritual blessings and unsearchable treasures of being in Christ… I highly recommend this book for the individual believer and/or family.”
Reviewer: Beth Saathoff (
Rating: 5 Stars

“This is an excellent book for a mature believer to use to teach new converts whether one-on-one or in small groups. This is also a great book for mature believers to read themselves to reignite their passion for Jesus.”
Reviewer: Chris Land (
Rating: 5 Stars

“Though the book isn’t long, it isn’t a quick read by any means. Though readers may feel they can digest the content rather quickly, I’m not so sure the content will digest them as quickly. Walker writes, “The gospel carries with it a beauty of invitation, along with the weight of command…”
Reviewer: Louis Zinc (
Rating: 4 Stars

“This book is an excellent resource for discipleship. For a seasoned believer this book will hold a wealth of “old truths” to encourage them in their walk with God and a great resource to share with newer believers. For those who are young or immature in the faith this book can serve for a great guide to what it means to be a disciple of Christ.”
Reviewer: Joey Parker (
Rating: 5 Stars

“This is an easy book to endorse and recommend. The concepts are not elementary, but they are rich in wisdom and point the reader to the One true source of hope and grace. I give this book five of five stars.”
Reviewer: Vicki Tiede (
Rating: 5 Stars

“This is a wonderful book about following Christ, founding our hope in Him, and reminding us that our assurance is found in his mighty work on our behalf, rather than our fluctuating feelings.”
Reviewer: Spencer Cummins (
Rating: 5 Stars

“In his final (inspiring) chapter, Walker examines the life of Paul and what being ‘in Christ’ meant to the apostle. Walker encourages Christians to be grounded in Christ, make certain of who they are in Christ, and then devote themselves fully to Him, so that at the end of their lives, like Paul, they can finish well.”
Reviewer: Mandy Johnson (
Rating: 4 Stars

“No book, no volume of books could ever begin to plumb the depth of what union with Christ fully means, however this book is a wonderful way for a new believer to learn more of what he has in Christ, and for the mature Christian to adore and worship the Beloved. I could see this book being a wonderful guide for the babe in Christ, a devotional book, or a great book for a Bible study group. I highly recommend picking up a copy.”
Reviewer: Doug Newell (
Rating: 5 Stars

“Don’t think that this volume could only help a new Christian. The truths here are of the type that we can never be reminded of enough. In addition, this volume covers this key ground with verve. I recommend it.”
Reviewer: Jimmy Reagan (
Rating: 5 Stars

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand what constitutes a true disciple of Christ written by an author who approaches this topic with pastoral love and care, and not as someone wanting to bury you under condemnation.”
Reviewer: Joshua Davis (
Rating: 5 Stars

“Jeremy Walker’s “Life in Christ” is a warm and encouraging explanation on what it means to be a Christian. With pastoral sensitivity and theological clarity, he presents a biblical faithful work on being a disciple and living life to the glory of God. Like a modern-day Puritan, Walker marries doctrine and practice to create a magnificent resource for instructing maturing disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Reviewer: Timothy Harris (
Rating:  5 Stars

“What a great reminder of the life that we can now experience as we walk with Christ experiencing all of the rich treasures He has so abundantly supplied for us to enjoy and to look forward to when we meet Him in Eternity.”
Reviewer: Matt Boutilier (
Rating: 5 Stars

“Jeremy’s book is doctrinally careful, pastorally kind and a useful addition to your armoury.”
Reviewer: Alan Davey (
Rating: 5 Stars

“I recommend this book for anyone struggling to find victorious living in Christ.”
Reviewer: Cheryl Frerichs (
Rating: 5 Stars

“I loved this book. It is not only written with sound doctrine, it also has, what Edwards called “Religious Affections”. It will stir your heart toward Christ.”
Reviewer: Roger Leonhardt (
Rating: 5 Stars

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