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Shaun Tabatt —  November 1, 2013

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The In-Between by Jeff GoinsAbout the Book:
We’re an “instant gratification” generation, but the trouble is, most change happens gradually.

Most of us spend our lives searching and longing for something more than what is in front of us. Whether it’s traveling abroad or chasing cheap (or expensive) thrills, we’re all looking for medicine to satisfy our restlessness. And, so often, we’re looking in the wrong place.

The In-Between is a call for all of us to accept the importance that waiting plays in our lives. In this spiritual memoir, Jeff Goins reveals the unexpected good that came from his times of waiting. And he encourages us to embrace the extraordinary nature of the ordinary and enjoy the daily mundane, what lies in between the “major” moments.

Moments of breakthrough are not where life’s greatest transformation happens; the stuff that God uses to shape us often lies in the in-between. It’s the bus stops and layovers and DMV lines and moments of unintentional pause that force us to become better people.

That’s not to say there aren’t moments of epiphany. There are. It’s just that most of us find ourselves living somewhere in the in-between. Learning to live in this tension, to be content in these moments of waiting, may be our greatest struggle…and our greatest opportunity to grow.

Praise for The In-Between:

According to Jeff Goins, life is more about waiting than we’d like. We try to avoid it at all costs. We linger over a past we can’t repeat (or don’t want to) or long for a future we can’t reach. Either way we are not present to what is happening now. And that is precisely where the important stuff is happening. This book is a powerful reminder that we must embrace the ‘long game’ of life, if we are to experience the love, joy, and peace we seek.
Michael Hyatt, New York Times Bestselling Author, Former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers

In the past few years I’ve had the honor of watching Jeff Goins transition from a writer into a thought leader and one of the most exciting next generation voices. In this book, you’ll see why and perhaps even more importantly how he did it.
Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author of Start

Jeff GoinsAbout the Author:
Jeff Goins is a blogger, speaker and author.

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Jeff graduated from Illinois College with a degree in Spanish and Religion. Junior year, he spent a semester in Spain, which opened his eyes to a whole new world.

After graduating, Jeff spent a year on the road with a band. Then he moved to Tennessee to chase a girl. In 2008, he married her.

Jeff’s blog, GoinsWriter.com, is one of the fastest-growing blogs on the web and a well-respected resource for bloggers and writers. In 2011, it won the Top 10 Blogs for Writers award. Each month, he receives over 100,000 visitors to his website.

Jeff’s work has been published online and offline in a variety of publications, including RELEVANT Magazine (which has a circulation of over 150,000) and ZenHabits.net (voted one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Websites).

Jeff and his wife, Ashley, live just outside of Nashville, TN with their son and dog.

Book Information:

  • Publisher: Moody Publishers (2013)
  • ISBN: 9780802407245
  • Page Count: 176

Blog Tour Details:

  • Tour Dates: November 25 – December 8, 2013
  • Available Formats: Paperback, Audiobook
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Thank you for your interest in reviewing The In-Between by Jeff Goins. This book review blog tour is now full. You can see our current list of available review books here: LINK.