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Shaun Tabatt —  October 28, 2013

The Golden Years: Healthy Aging and the Older AdultThis week the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for The Golden Years: Healthy Aging and the Older Adult by Christopher W. Bogosh. Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“This book was a blend of the medical, practical, emotional and political aspects of taking care of the aged population. May we always take care of the aging with wisdom, love and dignity. They are surely a treasure.”
Reviewer: Joanne Viola (
Rating: 4 Stars

“I especially appreciated the inclusion of a biblical world view as it applies to aging. A Godly viewpoint has an important impact on how we live our lives and how we face death. Knowing our lives are in the hands of a loving and caring God changes the way we deal with life threatening events and conditions, as the author so aptly wrote, “with the glory of God in view.””
Reviewer: Beverly Terry (
Rating: 4 Stars

“a helpful title for anyone wanting to know more about taking care of our bodies and older parents as we grow older… The author writes from a Christian perspective and helps the reader keep that perspective in realizing that when we know Jesus Christ and pass away (unless He comes back for us first), we will have new bodies not racked with sin and disease. Most of all, we will be in Jesus’ presence – doesn’t get any better than that!”
Reviewer: Michael Taylor (
Rating: 4 Stars

“There are so many things to think about with the aging process. Many of these were things that had never crossed my mind because of my age. But I do have grandparents in this stage of life, and in a couple more decades my parents will be in this stage of life. It is better to know what to expect than to be surprised.”
Reviewer: Amanda Talbert (
Rating: 4 Stars

“The only way to beat the system is not to be in the system. We must maintain our bodies as though we we custodians of a building and it was being inspected by God!”
Reviewer: Rosemary Swinehart (
Rating: 4 Stars

“It is a compelling book to add to your pile if you are preparing for your own golden years or those of someone else. I am grateful for the material.”
Reviewer: Becky Norton (
Rating: 4 Stars

“If you care for the aged, or if you like to be more informed on this topic, this book will be a good resource to have and to learn from.”
Reviewer: Conrade Yap (
Rating: 5 Stars

“I learned a lot from this book and I think that people who minister to and among the elderly will gain valuable insights… Bogosh’s book does a great job of helping us frame the issues around health care and the elderly.  If we follow his advice we will love our old well in service. But we honor them when we see that they still have gifts to give.”
Reviewer: James Matichuk (
Rating: 4 Stars

“It is useful to look at aging from a Biblical perspective and of course, the Biblical aspects are relevant to everyone and will remain relevant when Obama care is a memory.”
Reviewer: Sarah Jones (
Rating: 3 Stars

“this book should get someone thinking about elder care. If this book gets us thinking about aging before we are forced to due to unexpected illness, then it has done a good thing.”
Reviewer: Kim Shay (
Rating: 4 Stars

“Although growing old is a fact since the fall, we don’t have to approach this subject uninformed or in fear. We can learn to make wise decisions, not only for ourselves but for our aging parents. Reading The Golden Years is a good step in that direction.”
Reviewer: Persis Lorenti (
Rating: 4 Stars

“Mr. Bogosh does a great job of consistently reminding readers that the reason we are experiencing death, pain, loss, and bereavement is because of the Fall. The story of the Fall and the resulting sin nature that resulted from it is not a dominating theme in the book, but it definitely gets mentioned multiple times as a way of keeping the focus on the Bible and the fact that even though our bodies are a mess here, if you are a born-again believer, you are going to receive a new body in heaven incapable of decay.”
Reviewer: Josh Davis (
Rating: 4 Stars

The Golden Years is a deep look into the issues of older adults, aging, and end of life issues.”
Reviewer: Spencer Cummins (
Rating: 4 Stars

The Golden Years – Healthy Aging & The Older Adult is a book for all adults who desire to age as healthy as possible and to prepare for the changes that accompany aging, as well as those who are responsible for or care about the well-being and care of older adults in their family, neighborhood, church or community. In other words, it’s a book for all of us.”
Reviewer: Patricia Hunter (
Rating: 4 Stars

“Bogosh provides a wonderful short summary of why we suffer. He walks the reader through the fall and how it has corrupted all men, and how our ultimate solution is not in healthcare but in Christ. Because of Christ, aging adults, can live out their days, whether healthy or suffering to “the praise of His glory and grace.” This is the key to successful aging, having a Christ-centered focus whether in good health or in poor.”
Reviewer: Joey Parker (
Rating: 4 Stars

“This is a very practical book on graceful aging. Because of how helpful and hopeful it was, I give this book 5 stars.”
Reviewer: Cheryl Frerichs (
Rating: 5 Stars

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