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Shaun Tabatt —  April 1, 2013


This week the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for Crucifying Morality: The Gospel of the Beatitudes by R. W. Glenn (Shepherd Press, 2013). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“This paradigm shattering book will challenge readers to read the Beatitudes in light of who Jesus is and what He has done in His death, burial and resurrection. Reading this book might just help you to feel some of the wonder and astonishment Jesus’ first hearers of his sermon did when they heard the Sermon on the Mount”

“Get this book! Read it, and savor the beauty and wisdom of Jesus’s famous words in light of his grace and mercy for sinners.”

“I highly recommend this book. In fact, I wish I could provide copies for you readers, it’s just that good and necessary. So, hurry right now and get ahold of a copy. Read it with your Bible before you and your heart wide open.”

“This was a very engaging book. Short and to the point, it shows us each beatitude and what it means. The Gospel is not a set of moral codes, it is an exchange of my unrighteousness for His righteousness. The beatitudes show us how that exchange is to be lived out. I recommend this book and give it 4 out of 5 stars.”

“Glenn has taken the beatitudes and warns readers against turning these into laws or their laundry list of do’s and don’ts… It is not about doing things in the name of rules, but behaving like Christ in the name of Jesus. It is not about instilling some kind of a moral code, but restoring the lost essence of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.”

“R. W. Glenn offers a Christ-centered look at the Beattitudes. Crucifying Morality runs from moralizing and pants after Christ.”

“There are times when a follower of Jesus needs a direct punch in the gut & this new title provides just that… I already cherish this text and seek to read it annually to prevent religiousity in my approach to the Beatitudes.”

“This book challenged me to take a closer look at myself, my motivations and my faith… It would make a great resource for a Bible study small group as well as just an individual read.”

“I really cannot say enough good things about this book. It stretched me and challenged me to consider what it really means to live in God’s grace. It was an easy read in that Glenn’s style of writing is understandable, but doesn’t provide a milky teaching on this well-known scripture. I would encourage readers to consider using this title for a small group, Bible study, or self-reflection. I give this title five stars out of five.”

“If you love the Sermon on the Mount, I recommend you read this book. You’ll definitely gain more insight from Glenn’s efforts. And you’ll awaken new ideas and thoughts that you may have never had before. My guess is you’ll be glad you read it too.”

“Glenn, walks us through these oft misunderstood verses revealing how it is Jesus, and not us, who fulfills this perfect righteousness. Our focus should be on Jesus, and how the beatitudes were expressed in his life, and not on the beatitudes themselves.”

“This book is a good resource for the person developing a series on the Beatitudes.”

Crucifying Morality by R. W. Glenn certainly points out my shortcomings in Life and and in Faith, in a good way… I need to read this book again and learn some more, painful though it be.”

“Glenn’s Crucifying Morality is a powerful reminder of the faith/works balance expressed in the Epistle of James. Through faith in Jesus Christ and God’s grace poured out on our behalf at the cross, the believer will find themselves blessed and in turn will demonstrate their love for God by obeying His commands to us found in Scripture. It is this beautiful circle of spiritual life and vitality that Glenn so brilliantly outlines in Crucifying Morality.”

“I highly recommend this book. I believe it will help you understand the beatitudes, especially if you’ve heard them your whole life and think you know everything about them. This book will definitely get you thinking and hopefully put some of those thoughts into action.”

“While the narrative is easy to follow, the title contains several examples that will provoke you to realize that Christianity is not about completing a to-do list, but who we are in Christ. Recommended.”

“That is something I can heartily recommend because it’s something every Christian needs–I certainly do! The most helpful aspect of this book for me is that Glenn takes the time for each and every beatitude to show how those characteristics can be coaxed out of us by God’s grace.”

“Read this book struggling and weary saint, and you will encounter the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ that shines forth from each verse of the amazing Beatitudes. Highly recommended!”

“I highly recommend this book for all Christians. It is very tempting to want to live in a way that makes us feel worthy of the gospel by living a list of rules but that is not the point of Christianity. Instead of living that way we live and rest in the grace of what Christ has already done on our behalf.”

“Christianity is not about our morality, but about Jesus’ goodness. This is a challenging but deeply comforting book. Highly recommended.”

“Glenn tries not to go over anyone’s head. He keeps it simple to the point where anyone believer, new or seasoned, can read and understand… This book would be great not only for an individual to read, but also to read in a small group together. ”

“Glenn has written a book unlike what we know about the Beatitudes.  I recommend reading it. ”

“I think you will be surprised and encouraged with this study. Surprised that the beatitudes is a cross culture. It does not flow with the culture. It’s not about Jesus being on our side, (thank goodness for that- who is to say which one of us is right- not one) it’s about the character of Jesus and his kingdom. Encouraging because we have a Saviour that wants to set us free with the truth when we live in a world that is full of deciet. ”

Crucifying Morality is a tremendously helpful book, whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned vet. We’re all prone to take the Beatitudes and moralize them or turn them into a rule book for “nice” living. But, as Glenn reminds us, ”You cannot put the mind-altering, world-shattering nature of the Beatitudes into neat categories. Jesus won’t let you.””

“I highly recommend Crucifying Morality. This book was a great help for me, and it will make a great tool for my future discipleship groups and those I’m mentoring. ”

“I really enjoyed this book!!  For a sober, gospel reminder of the Beatitudes, this book is for you.  Glenn succeeded in making the Beatitudes shine with the glory of the gospel, pointing his readers back to Jesus time and again for their hope, healing, and identity.”

“Glenn does a wonderful job with each Beatitude showing the high standard, our impending shortfall, and how Jesus achieved it for us. Further he makes the point in every one it seems that these attitudes are the fruits of the Spirit that flow out of the Believer’s heart. He states they are characteristics of the desires of the convert’s heart. Amen and I agree…  I would certainly commend him as one who gets the good news in the Beatitudes quite well.”

“This is a stellar text on applicable insight into Beatitudes. Laced with relevant passages, Glenn has done his homework and has applied his teaching to himself (be cautious to invest yourself in any author/pastor/professor who hasn’t wrestled himself through the passage he is expositing).”

“This is wonderful news. This is the Gospel of Jesus. Get this book – I have nothing but good to say about it, and hearty recommendations to give. Take up and read, and I hope that it’s fuel for you to marvel at the Gospel. Thank you R.W. Glenn for writing it, and to Shepherd Press for the opportunity to read and review it.”

“For Christians and non-Christians who have ever wondered what in the world Jesus was talking about as he began the sermon on the mount, get this, read it, digest it and apply it. Your life will be better for the effort.”

“As a recovering legalist, this book was a welcome relief from calls to try harder and do better. I appreciated the strong gospel emphasis of what Christ has done on our behalf. This book would be useful for personal study of the Beatitudes or in a group setting.”

“The book is written in a way that is easily understood… The author differentiates between a self-made nice person from a sinner made new by Christ’s work on the cross.”

Crucifying Morality has the feel of `My Utmost for His Highest’ – a well that can be revisited time and again. Give me chunks of this book in a devotional app and I will be happy.”

“Glenn writes with an eye for grace over and against moralism but doesn’t speak down to the unenlightened. He aims to inspire and instill hope rather than merely complain about how others are interpreting the Beatitudes. His writing is lucid and clear, even if the truths he drives home are often convicting. But Glenn brings us to Jesus over and over again, and for that he is to be thanked.”

Crucifying Morality would be valuable for study or reading groups; individual devotions; and for study leaders or preachers looking for a Christ-centered approach to studying the Beatitudes which provokes a reaction of depending on God’s grace and hungering to live by kingdom ethics.”

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