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Shaun Tabatt —  March 11, 2013

The Romance of Grace by Jim McNeelyThis week the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for The Romance of Grace by Jim McNeely (Vox Dei, 2013). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

The Romance of Grace sufficiently conveys how important we are to God, and also gives one of the best definitions for the term ‘Grace’ that I have ever heard… know that I gave it a strong five stars for very good reasons, and that you should go grab your own copy as soon as possible to find out why.”
Sarah Cobb (

“When we truly understand God’s grace, we will want to share it with others – because of love, not duty.”
Eva Scott (

“McNeely has written a book with humble candor and as only someone could if he has truly devoted himself to the study of God’s grace. He has a passion for God’s grace and conveys this eloquently without misrepresentation of Scripture… I do recommend this book and believe the truths covered will bless all who read it. I give The Romance of Grace four of five stars.”
Mike Tiede (

“This is a fascinating and insightful look at the importance of grace… I enjoyed the way he explained things and pointed out possible objections and then answered them. This book made me look at grace in a new way. I definitely recommend it!”
Veronica Sternberg (

“Do you long to experience and enjoy more grace and be free of the bondage engendering law and law practices that keep you spiritually entangled and not enjoying the grace, freedom and abundant life that Christ so freely offers? Then buy The Romance of Grace and prayerfully and thoughtfully (with Bible and heart both open) read it, meditate on what you read and ask God to help you receive and apply the truth to your life. If you do I promise you, you will never feel or be the same again.”
Harold Cameron (

“McNeely is a good communicator and I loved his illustrations (many drawn from movies and pop-culture, a few from his family life and personal experience). So many books about grace are fluffy but I found McNeely substantive and insightful. This is a good picture of grace and the love of God. I happily give this book 4 stars and think that you will find its description of the romance of grace compelling.”
James Matichuk (

“What an encouraging and enlightening book, challenging the notions of grace and fairness that we often have in our minds. I think this book is a great witness to God’s amazing grace, not only in salvation but in every facet of life. The Romance of Grace is a good dose of medicine on grace to those in all walks of life.”
Spencer Cummins (

“I would not recommend this book to a brand new Christian convert. The depth to which the author explores grace verses the law could become confusing. After a foundation is laid however, I can highly recommend The Romance of Grace to anyone looking to move their Christian walk to another level. This book will also make for an excellent group study.”
Paul Weaver (

“This book is incredible and life changing… God has been growing me in grace for a while now. This book through every chapter drew my heart more and more toward Christ. It grew my view of Him and His love for me. In this process I find myself responding more in that grace. If a book is written in such a way that draws you toward the Savior helping you fall more madly in love with Him it is worth the time to read and purchase. I highly recommend this book.”
Angela Parsley (

“Grace was revealed to us thru God’s son on the cross. Grace is freedom from our own justice, freedom to love without walls, freedom to rejoice and to mourn, grace is not from us but to us. Live in grace today. That is the good news.”
Jeanie Schwagerman

“While many people today struggle with grace either through not understanding it or abusing it, Jim rightly points people to the Word and helpfully lifts up people’s eyes to the One in Jesus who now reigns over His Throne of Grace as our exalted High Priest.”
Dave Jenkins (

“Wow, what great analogies! It sounds almost like a modern day Bunyan… I recommend this book with some light discernment but give it 5 out of 5 stars.”
Roger Leonhardt (

Romance of Grace was startling… and then it began making real sense. This is a book that reminds us of what is so Amazing about Grace. Grace was revolutionary when it was first preached…have we lost it now? Let’s read this book and remember.”
Faith Farrell (

“The book is a good read for anyone needing a remember of how deep God’s love is for us as demonstrated through His Son Jesus Christ. We do not have to try to earn God’s favor, we already have it through Jesus!”
Michael Taylor (

“McNeely’s book is eye-opening and very encouraging. You will be reminded you of how much God really loves you and values you.”
Amberly Zimmerman (

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