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Shaun Tabatt —  March 5, 2013

The Connecting Church 2.0 Beyond Small Groups to Authentic CommunityOver the next four weeks the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for The Connecting Church 2.0 by Randy Frazee (Zondervan, 2013). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

The Connecting Church 2.0 helped me identify the parts of my lifestyle that I want to change and the actions I can take that will be meaningful. If you feel like there is something missing in your life but you are not sure what it is, I highly recommend reading The Connecting Church 2.0.”
Becky Marie (

“I would definitely recommend The Connecting Church 2.0 as a place to start in challenging your thinking about church, community, and life in general.”
Jon Stolpe (

“I recommend this book highly to all believers, particularly ministers and lay leaders in the small group ministry [of] the church. Make sure you read it with an open mind and heart and be prepared to break down some barriers.”
Todd Randolph (

“The book entails 4 parts-Connecting with a common purpose, connecting to a common place, connecting to common possessions, and implementing a connecting church. It deals with the problems of the first 3, the characteristics and the rediscovering or a redirection of each one.”
Jeanie Schweagerman (

“This book will change churches and communities for the better if we apply the principles presented. Authentic communities are something most of us are looking for and it’s been around us the whole time…”
Andrew Smith (

“This book is suitable for family, small group, and church-wide study. Whether you attend a large mega-church, average-sized congregation, or neighborhood fellowship which meets house-to-house, this book provides up-to-date research and challenging ideas to consider.”
Sharra Badgley (

The Connecting Church 2.0 is not a final answer, but it is a helpful tool for any church seeking to see authentic community flourish in their location.”
Michael Bells (

“I think of this book as both a motivational tool for reasoning out why our American society is so sick physically and spiritually, and a guide for church leadership to put together this neighborhood concept and get it to work as it is meant to.”
Beverly Terry (

“I appreciate the author’s honesty about his own experience and what he’s learned.”
April Yamasaki (

“One of my measures of the impact of a book I read is the amount of highlighting and marginal noting that I do … I went through three highlighters on this book. It is THAT good.”
John E. Smith (

“I welcome The Connecting Church 2.0 as a contribution to the ongoing discussion of how best to handle these and other problems facing today’s church.”
David Hodges (

“one of the best books on church growth and discipleship… I found The Connecting Church 2.0 to be an incredible resource. I know I will be referring to this a lot in the future. I suggest you grab a copy and spend some time reading it carefully. It just might change the way you look at ministry and the church.”
Jeff Randleman (

“While not everyone will necessarily agree with Frazee about how possible it is to develop community in our day by reversing the trajectory of a decades long mass exodus to the suburbs from the urban areas, but one thing is certain, he makes you really think and re-think your motivations and attitudes. And, that to me is worthwhile. Even if it really isn’t possible to latch on to every point that he makes in how to develop authentic community, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we cannot attempt many of the helpful insights that he offers to help us develop better fellowship amongst one another and help us grow closer to Christ together.”
Matt Boutilier (

“If your heart has been searching for community and if you have longed to see help for the broken church of Jesus, this is a great place to start!”
Karen Fendick (

“I like the way Frazee opens with a problem and closes with some positive recommendations on what to do about it. In fact, he goes much farther to help readers see the grand story, that apart from mere solving of the three problems of individualism, isolation, and consumerism, one needs to push toward strengthening communities.”
Conrade Yap (

“I think this book will greatly encourage believers to engage in ministry in the context they live without the spurious notion that only church ministry inside the church walls really counts. Randy’s challenge for small groups to come together for a common purpose around common beliefs is a great reminder to every church.”
Spencer Cummins (

“Are people really connecting at our churches? Or are they lonely and unfulfilled? Nationwide attendance numbers tell us something is wrong. Here’s a book that makes sense of what is really going on in our society today.”
Jimmy Reagan (

“We must not be lazy; we must not settle for what “is” but we must truly look beyond. This is a clear problem; one that is well defined within this book. The issues are many; the solutions may seem wild and crazy BUT let us consider things honestly. What holds you back from living that blessed and abundalty joyful life that is promised you?”
Jennifer King (

The Connecting Church 2.0 is a much needed work. It is clarion call to abandon the isolated and individualistic view of life and see the benefit and blessing of belonging to a community of people who share the same purposes in life. This is a book that church leaders need to read… I highly recommend.”
Steven Ruff (

“I liked this book a lot and consider it an essential resource for church leaders seeking to deepen their experience of community. At the very least, this book should be in every church library, if not in every pastor’s study.”
James Matichuk (

“The thing this author points out is something I noted long ago, we can’t be a real church till we become a church of one mind in one accord. It’s not about a few, it’s about us as a group trying to reach out to an outside world. If you’re wondering how to fix the problem, get the book for a start and then seek God.”
Rosemary Swinehart (

“Frazee’s style of writing is engaging, easy to read, and incredibly informative. He has the gift of looking at today’s culture in America and cutting through barriers and making clear steps any Christian could take to develop more authentic relationships. This book definitely a earns a Five Star out of Five rating.”
Mike Tiede (

“Frazee’s book is a needed corrective on some of our over-building in the American church. While it’s not the magic wand for all issues, it’s a good start, and would be a good discussion starter among Christians.”
Doug Hibbard (

“The book is timely and addresses a big need for churches today – learning how to connect with people in their communities… Recommended.”
Michael Taylor (

“If the reader gleans nothing else from this book, they should grasp that particular point, one which Frazee returns to on a number of occasions in this excellent and timely book. No amount of programs will solve the American penchant to embrace individualism, isolationism, and consumerism at the expense of true fellowship both within the home and within the church. Only a concerted effort to return to what Scripture outlines as true biblical community will solve these problems.”
Michael Boling (

“I was so impressed with this that after I read it myself, I gave it to my pastor so that he could get also gain some of the same insights… All-in-all, this is a book that will definitely help you make your own church stronger!”
Chris Lewis (

“These quiet steps of getting to know our brethren will build up the Body, and we Christians can build a flourishing community with a shared Mission: the Gospel, shared Authority, Traditions, Creeds, and Standards. Those will hold our friendships together and give them Gospel purpose. We will pass these on through making disciples and raising our children to walk in God’s ways. When you think of it this way, the early Church was a connecting Church. The principles here in The Connecting Church are the principles of community.”
Faith Farrell (

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  • I’m reading Connecting Church 2.0 right now, and I it pretty challenging. I feel like I am The Johnsons – family Randy talks about in the first chapter.