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Shaun Tabatt —  March 4, 2013

Passion by Mike McKinleyOver the next two weeks the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for Passion: How Christ’s Final Day Changes Your Every Day by Mike McKinley (The Good Book Company, 2013). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“While this is an easy read, it is also well worth taking the time to think deeper with Mike on the cross, especially in the context of a small group. I appreciate that Passion is far more than an historical study, or simply a biblical reflection, but focuses on living out the truth and reality of the gospel today.”
Michael Bells (

“Passion is an excellent book which shows us how much Jesus loved us and what we can gain from loving Him. Please read a copy today! ”
Rani Grant (

“In all, I liked this book. If you are looking for a good Passion Week study, grab a few copies and discuss this book.”
Doug Hibbard (

“What a timely read as we come upon the Holy Days. I am always impressed by how the Lord works; the things that I wind up choosing to study, to read … This is such a different read; its more than just a study – its a deep, passionate walk meant to show what so many miss nowadays.”
Jennifer King (

“This is one book that though I chose to review it, I will cherish to read it again and again, throughout the years.”
LaTawnia Kintz (

“McKinley delivers. This is an excellent book. Not fluff, but a deep walk through the Scriptures that will take you to the very heart of the Gospel message… I believe it is a book I will come back to read again, particularly during Lent and Easter.”
Mike Tiede (

“As a contemporary devotional work on the events surrounding the crucifixion, Passion is fixed in evangelical orthodoxy and contains practical applications which flow from the text and doctrines expounded. It is recommended for personal or group reading, for new or older Christians.”
Gary Ware (

“It’s easy to read but it doesn’t aim at nothing. It wants to see the reader changed by Luke’s account. How many stars ? I thought, “Not 5. There are better devotional books. 5-star devotional books. Not 5. There are better doctrinal discussions. 5-star doctrinal discussions. Yes, but to review this book you have to know what it is. It’s a book that takes you to the cross so that you can be transformed on the freeway and in the home. And as that it’s a 5-star book.”
Alan Davey (

“I highly recommend this book. It was so fascinating, I read it in one sitting. Now I’m re-reading it a piece at a time as a Lenten devotional.”
Meredith Leonard (

“I don’t think anyone reading this book with a seeking heart will ever be the same. It left me pondering what was the part that I played in his crucifixion? This book would be a great Bible study tool for pre-teen and on up.”
Rosemary Swinehart (

“I enjoyed this book. It is written in an easy to read style, but contains some great theological truths . God not only wants us to understand the truths of the Gospel, He wants us to live in the light of those truths… I highly recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars.”
Roger Leonhardt (

“I commend “Passion” to the senior saint, the newly converted, to the lost and the looking. Mike Mckinley has done an excellent service to the Kingdom of God by penning this book.”
Marc Mullins (

“Simply put, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Whether that be a skeptic, a new christian, or one more mature in the faith… it doesn’t matter. This book can help you see things in a new light, and give you food for thought.”
Shelby Burk (

“As you read and marvel at the goodness of God and the work of Christ, you will begin to see how we are like each one in the passover week. From Judas, to Pilate, to the thieves on the cross, Barabbas that was freed, to Simon carrying the cross. We also learn that we have been given the holy spirit to enable us to see if we are someone that is wronged or someone who needs forgiveness.”
Jeanie Schwagerman (

“This is a thoughtful book. Passion would be a wonderful choice for devotional reading. It is written so that you think about what you are reading, and meditate on the Scripture that begins each chapter. By page 20, I was whispering Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God for going through this for me.”
Faith Farrell (

“This is a book that ought to be in the hands of believers & non-believers to be read for the purpose of discovering the reason for Jesus being sent to earth for our sake. I would highly recommend this book to be read hand-in-hand through Luke’s account for meditational purposes on the Cross of our Our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Louis Zinc (

Passion packs a punch. It’s straightforward, gospel-centered, and faithful to the story. Because of the ease with which the writing flows, anyone can read this book. It would be a helpful resource for small groups and individuals alike. It also would be a helpful tool for Christians who desire to hone their skill in applying the gospel to their daily life.”
Matthew Sims (

“This is a tremendous resource to put in someone’s hands as Easter approaches. It was released in time to serve as a Lenten devotional, but would be just as powerful to read during Passion Week, between Palm Sunday and Easter.”
David Norman (

“Can’t recommend this book enough for those wanting to know the gospel and know Jesus and what he did and what it means to our every day lives. Get it.”
Jason Delgado (

“Mike walks you through the book of Luke from the New Testament and guides you to the wonderful Savior and King!!! I HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERYONE!!!!!”
Karen Lyons (

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