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Shaun Tabatt —  March 25, 2013

Gods Good Design by Claire SmithThis week the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for God’s Good Design: What the Bible Really Says About Men and Women by Claire Smith (Matthias Media, 2013). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“I truly enjoyed this book and the interpretation of scripture is spot on. I highly recommend it and would give it 6 out of 5 stars, if I could.”

God’s Good Design is spot on! What a rare and wonderful thing to be able to say about a book on femininity. This book is both well-articulated and biblically sound.”

“I have to say that reading this as I always do, I start rating the book before I finish. I was rating this as a 3 star, however, the foundation was laid text by text and towards the end made the roles very clear and deserves a 5 star rating.”

“This book is a clear call to look deep into each passage that speaks of womanhood and what it means. It is time to blow the obscuring dust of feminism off the pages of our Bible and read these verses again, in context.”

“It’s the combination of biblical thoroughness, serious reflection and application that make this book a good primer for every Christian to read, reflect on and apply to their marriages, household and ministries. It is on this basis that I recommend this book, which in my opinion will bring with a breath of fresh air to this conversation. This biblically faithful book hits all the right notes, for the right reasons to the glory of God.”

God’s Good Design is a book I would confidently recommend to anyone who is searching for what Scripture says on gender issues. Claire never loses focuses on God’s word. It’s a book that anyone can read and understand.”

“I suggest everyone read this book and let her careful exegesis help you work through the issue.”

God’s Good Design will almost certainly not be the final word on the debate on gender roles, but it is an important addition to the overall body of literature on the topic. Smith’s examination of key biblical texts is sound, her grasp of alternative readings is clear and her rebuttal is charitable. Give this book a careful and thoughtful read and see how it might enhance your understanding of God’s design for men and women.”

“I feel like the debate about what women should and should not do within the church has been an unwelcome backdrop to a big portion of my life and I’m tired of the words, tired of the emotionalism and temper tantrums and twisting the word of God into pretzels. I did not want to read this book. But I am happy I did.”

“Overall, this is a book I would highly recommend. It is extremely readable and packed with plenty of information on this topic. God’s Good Design would be beneficial for women on either side of this debate to read.”

“This new book by Claire Smith about the roles of men and women is very refreshing because it seeks to ground the arguments throughout the book by going back to the Scriptures… I thought Claire’s explanations were clear, succinct, and helpful in understanding the trajectory of the Bible. She also deals with objections in a winsome manner to the complementarian understanding of men and women.”

“This book was a pleasure to read – challenging, but not cranky or snarky. It’s now on my list for adult Sunday school and women’s Bible study materials.”

“I highly recommend this book. I also plan on referring to it often when I find myself coming to these particular passages in Scripture. I have no doubt it will preach.”

“Smith does a great job of hitting relevant scripture to this topic, and talking about the culture when it was written, but also how it still relates to us today.”

God’s Good Design: What The Bible Really Says About Men and Women by Claire Smith is an excellent addition to the study of the roles of Christian men and women… I highly recommend this book for men and women on either side of this debate.”

“I have never given too much thought to what the Bible said about the interactions between men and women in the church, so these topics were new to me. The ideas seemed old-fashioned to me, but if they were in the Bible, they need to be followed. I would recommend that Christians read this book. We need to be following God in our relationships, not society. Find a copy today!”

“This book really does go into depth into the roles of men and women in the church and the author’s background and research on this makes this book a book that holds much credence.”

“This is a book I highly recommend. It demonstrates first of all that many of our current “gender-role” issues in the church are a result of our attempting to subjugate the biblical teaching to current cultural norms. Second, it provides excellent examples of close, careful interpretation of biblical passages. Third, it presents this all in clear, concise prose that is easily accessible to the attentive reader.”

“I believe God’s Good Design is an exceptional work. It is thoroughly biblical, readable and honest. All Christians, especially the 21st century woman, should have this work in their personal library.”
Reviewer: Clint Letterman (pastpresentblog.com)
Rating: 4 Stars

“What can I read on what the Bible has to say about the roles of men and women that is well informed, culturally sensitive, academically respectable and still at the end of the day readable?” My answer to that question will now be God’s Good Design by Clair Smith.”

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