Little Black Books Blog Tour

Shaun Tabatt —  February 25, 2013

This week the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for several of the titles in the Little Black Books series by Scott Petty. Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

Little Black Books: Suffering & Evil by Scott Petty

“As someone who is not a stranger to suffering, I found this book to be the best conversation I never had. The potent, honest, Biblical information found here, felt like sitting down for coffee with an incredible youth pastor and having one of the most candid, refreshing, compelling, and interesting conversations imaginable.”
Sarah Cobb (

“This book serves as a good travel companion for us when we are in the thick of a trial, or, as we prepare to enter that dark season of adversity. We need to make sure that we never naively believe that bumps in the road are not ever part of the journey, let alone, a good part, an essential part.”
Matt Boutilier (

“In a day when much of evangelical offerings on this subject are nothing more than froth and therapy, Scott Perry hits a hard subject head on and delivers the goods. This book is scriptural, orthodox, and God glorifying. Highly recommended, buy a bunch and give them away!!”
Alex Houston (

“If anything, this book left me wanting a little more. However, what this book and others in the series set out to do– “Books that are to the point”– it does quite adequately and quite well. I would recommend this book, particularly for anyone wanting a brief and to the point explanation that is grounded in biblical truth”
Mike Tiede (

“While the book was written for questioning youth or young adults, it was an excellent read for me and I plan to read the rest of his series.”
Catherine Daugherty (

“I applaud Mr. Petty’s efforts, to answer a ‘deep-end of the pool’ question, all the while keeping the answer very palatable. Though specifically intended for a young adult audience, I believe that anyone struggling with this important question can find comfort in the truth of these pages.”
Ryan Rickard (

“Do you ever feel overwhelmed reading the bible? Understanding the plan of redemption that God has for us and this world? This little black book is perfect for that and maybe jump starting your bible reading. Giving you a hunger and thirst for more. It is about suffering and evil which we can not escape in this world. ”
Jeanie Schwagerman (

Little Black Books: Predestination by Scott Petty

“Overall, I have the highest praise of this “little black book” of theology. Every youth pastor should make this a mandatory junior high graduation gift or at least integrate this into their small group curriculum. I place this besides Rebels Rescued (written by Brian H. Cosby) as the best two books written for the Youth and Theology genre, which in my opinion is finally becoming relevant again.”
Clint Letterman (

“This small book was a surprise. Through the years, I have probably read a dozen books on predestination, Some were good and some were terrible. This book will be in my top 5… I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone interested in the subject of Predestination. It makes predestination accessible to the person who has never tackled the subject.”
Roger Leonhardt (

“I recommend this book to clarify the topic of predestination for any teen.”
Joanne Viola (

“The series is highly recommended because of the writing style alone. Petty does a good job of boiling things down for young minds. The speed-bump about the books is whether or not you agree with the reformed perspective, especially on the Predestination issue… But with that aside, the book is written well & simply for the purpose of spiritual growth for teenagers. The idea of a small series of black books on strong content is catchy and a great idea. ”
Louis Zinc (

Predestination, part of The Little Black Books series written by Scott Petty, teaches about God’s design and purpose for each individual, that we are not here by mistake. Geared towards teenagers,this was a short, simple read at only 84 pages. The author writes with teenage lingo and is relational the his readers. ”
Amberly Zimmerman (

Little Black Books: Science & God by Scott Petty

“This book was interesting. I think it will help those in his target age group to be prepared for conversations around them. Does it answer everything? No, but it encourages thoughtful research. I encourage teenagers to pick up this, and the other books in the series. The size is not overwhelming, and the information is well presented.”
Donna Safford (

“This is a solid book. Even if you don’t agree with everything, Petty will challenge your thinking, make you laugh, and put your mind at ease.”
James Pruch (

“[Science and God] in the Little Black Book series makes a handy reference that can be perused in short time and referred to as often as it’s needed. It is easy to read, non-technical but still accurate with interesting illustrations. I enjoyed the author’s quirky sense of humor. I would recommend this book for any young person 6th grade and up. Adults will even enjoy reading this. It poses several questions to ponder.”
Beverly Terry (

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