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Shaun Tabatt —  February 8, 2013

Freeing Tangled Hearts by Dolores KimballAre you sometimes left confused by the conflicting array of feelings you experience as a woman? Do you let your heart rule your head? In this book Dolores Kimball takes an honest look at our lives as women and urges us not to allow our confusion, our tangled hearts, to rule our lives, but to cast ourselves on the Savior, who alone can change our hearts forever.

About the Author:
Dolores Kimball is an experienced editor and writer whose passion is to explain biblical truth in clear, practical ways that will impact and change lives – especially the lives of women.

A Bible study teacher and women’s retreat speaker, Dolores has worked as writer and editor for several large Christian ministries Dolores Kimballincluding Focus on the Family, David C. Cook, and Compassion International. Having retired as Managing Editor of Got Questions Ministries, she is now a freelance writer and editor.

Dolores lives in Colorado with Tom, her husband of 36 years, and two obstreperous cats, Clive and Warnie, named for C.S. Lewis and his brother. When not writing or working, Dolores and Tom spend their time riding bikes through the glorious Rocky Mountain scenery, enjoying God’s creation.

Praise for Freeing Tangled Hearts:

Freeing Tangled Hearts is a fantastic resource in that it points to God as the Savior, not just a Savior from sin and its consequences, but Savior from a life controlled by ungodly emotions and unbiblical thinking. Only by taking our eyes off of ourselves and focusing on God can our tangled hearts truly be freed. Only by allowing God and His Word to shape our thoughts and mold our emotions can we truly experience the abundant life that is available through Jesus Christ (John 10:10).”
S. Michael Houdmann
Founder and President of Got Questions Ministries, international, www.gotquestions.org

“This straight talking yet sensitive book confronts some of the inner issues that we all too often excuse or choose to ignore. If you’re serious about tackling the feelings that entangle your heart and stifle your faith and if you long to fight rather than flounder, then this is a must read.
Using biblical wisdom, gospel hope and a well needed reminder of God’s sovereignty, Dolores encourages us to be the women He saved us to be…grounded in truth and guided by it.”
Jane McNabb
Author and Conference Speaker

“It’s difficult to find a book that is both biblically accurate and practical for daily living, and that also constantly steers the reader back to God’s word. Dolores Kimball has accomplished these objectives in this book for women and their tangled hearts. It’s surely not sugarcoated and not a twelve-step approach to success. Rather it’s a book that graciously confronts the common sin issues that not only women deal with but men as well. Dolores is also a compassionate woman who can empathize with her readers and get them to victory. Both the biblical and personal illustrations are very well done and drive home the truth of freeing the tangled heart.”
Dr Al Albano
Pastor, Meridian Bible Church, Colorado Springs, CO

Book Information:

  • Publisher:  EP Books (2013)
  • ISBN: 9780852349151
  • Page Count: 160

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