Will You Be My Facebok Friend? Blog Tour

Shaun Tabatt —  January 14, 2013

Will You Be My Facebook Friend?: Social Media and the Gospel by Tim ChesterThis week the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for Will You Be My Facebook Friend?: Social Media and the Gospel by Tim Chester (10Publishing, 2013). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“I am not saying everyone should leave social media, but we must be aware of the pros and cons with social media. This book helps one to discern what some of those pros and cons are. Make up your mind on your own with social media, but allow this book to help you!”
Aaron Sellars (www.aaronsellars.com)

“Will you be my Facebook friend? is a welcome addition to and continuation of the “conversation” concerning digital technology.”
Elizabeth Hankins (www.hankinsfamily.com)

“My 12-year-old daughter read the book in one sitting. It’s a short read packed with thought-provoking arguments. It’s an excellent conversation starter for you and your preteens. I would recommend this to all parents first and then their children. It’s appropriate material for churches to distribute, too.”
Gina Elder (www.onemomsguide.com)

“I would recommend this booklet wholeheartedly. In fact, I would highly suggest that parents use it as a resource to discuss how the Gospel and facebook fit together. This is something easily digested and is practical in it’s material. I think it would be a great resource for youth groups, schools, and church libraries.”
Mark Kelly (gracedependent.com)

“I would love to see youth groups carry copies of this book to hand out to the students and leaders. The book is inexpensive and short; just the type of reading our young people – purveyors of social media that they are – are used to.”
Kim Shay (philippians314.squarespace.com)

“Tim Chester invites us to think through our use of social networking sites. For those of us who may be spending too much time working on our online profile, he doesn’t content himself with telling us to use the network less. He goes much deeper and shows that idolatry is really at the heart of the use many make of social networking websites. He then brings us back to the heart of the gospel, the cross, in order to give the right motivation to use Social Networking sites in a more Godly Way.”
Emmanuel Durrnad (www.erdurand.com/blog)

“Tim Chester is not knocking facebook, but what he is doing is showing the dangers of our hearts and calling us out on it.”
Jeanie Schwagerman

“I would love to see this four-chapter booklet purchased in bulk in churches and placed on their literature racks for people to take home and read. There are some very powerful insights that would help many of us as Christ’s followers avoid being snared into creating our own self-centered cyberworlds and abandoning the world in which God has placed us to interact with our neighbors, friends and family.”
Beverly Terry (beverlylynnt.wordpress.com)

“I favorably recommend this book – expecting pastors to pass it out to their congregation or introduce it to their Sunday School classes.”
Chris Malkemes (www.whisperedwordsofwisdom.com)

“I enjoyed this book. I feel it was a little too short, but it would be great for the short attention spans of today’s online skimmers, I mean readers. ”
Roger Leonhardt (reformedreader.blogspot.com)

“This book is powerful, informative, helpful, and yet sobering. This work is very relevant to our generation as well as the times in which we live. I strongly recommend it…”
Sarah Cobb (sarahjeancobb.blogspot.com)

“I highly think that you should invest in this book. I was very happy when it arrived and even gladder once I finished it and it made me think… wow, Facebook isn’t always fun/good/beneficial.”
Jeff Panko (www.battlebornnv.com)

“This book will be helpful for anyone seeking to get a handle on their online world and wanting to bring greater integrity to their social media presence.”
James Matichuk (thoughtsprayersandsongs.com)

“There are definite problems with social media. But it can also be used for the greater good, to spread and teach God’s Word. And if just one person finds Jesus through something that is said on Facebook, I think it is worth it. With Facebook, as with everything else, you just need to learn moderation.”
Mary Vidinich (whenqueen.blogspot.com)

“I hope the book “Will You Be My Facebook Friend?” both challenges and changes your thinking and life in regards to the use of Social Media in the future as much as it has mine.”
Harold Cameron (thebiblesays.typepad.com)

“This book is only 48 pages long yet it provides great truth on the Gospel relating to the area of social media.”
Chris Land (keepingthemainthing.blogspot.com)

“Tim Chester challenges his readers to view their use of Facebook and other social media in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This quick read will certainly cause you think seriously about your motives and time investment in social media.”
Taryn Raulston (www.tarynraulston.blogspot.com)

“Chester calls us to consider how social media may be changing the way we think and act, how the medium may be impacting the content of our message and reshaping our relationships.”
Derek Griz (derekgriz.com)

“Helpful guidelines. Useful for pastors, dads, youth leaders.”
Alan Davey (daveys2france.blogspot.fr)

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