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Shaun Tabatt —  January 28, 2013

Suffering Well by Paul GrimmondThis week the Cross Focused Reviewers are participating in a book review blog tour for Suffering Well: The Predictable Surprise of Christian Suffering by Paul Grimmond (Matthias Media, 2011). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“If you are looking for a resource to help you gain a solid biblical understanding of suffering. I highly recommend Suffering Well. In fact, a copy will be added to my church library this coming Sunday.”
Persis Lorenti (

“Some books on suffering attempt a theodicy – a defence of God, a vindication of the ways of God with men. This book is aimed somewhat differently. Its goal is to build a theology of suffering from the Bible in order to prepare and equip Christians. It succeeds well in this.”
Alan Davey (

“I found this book to be encouraging and challenging. It is very helpful in preparing for suffering (we all go through hard seasons from time-to-time, it’s part of life). It has blessed and edified me, strengthening me to keep going in the face of adversity. In a time when the health, wealth and prosperity gospel is popular, it is invaluable to have this excellent book teaching God’s viewpoint on the issue of suffering. It is a book that every Christian should read and refer to regularly. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If I had to describe it in two words, they would be well-balanced and biblical.”
Mandy Johnson (

“Come with Paul and discover the surprises he uncovers as he asks some of the most basic questions of the Christian life: Why do we suffer? And what does it mean to suffer—and even die—well?”
Christopher Lewis (

“If you are looking for a book on the topic of suffering I do recommend it. It is not a fluffy Christian book, but makes you examine your own Christian walk. It splashes the cold water of reality and how we need to cling to Jesus no matter what we go through.”
Heather Dannewitz (

“I recommend this book to everyone looking for a way to cope with suffering, and especially those who are or have experienced suffering, as well as those who are likely to encounter those in their lives who have experienced great loss. Since we all are promised to experience this “predictable surprise”, I recommend picking up a copy now so that when you experience trials of any kind, you will already have a firm foundation on which to stand.”
Kim Infield (

“I highly recommend it and think that Suffering Well will greatly benefit every single person who reads it. This is a staple for every home library or book collection. Buy it as soon as you can!”
Sarah Cobb (

“solidly Biblical and intensely practical making it of great value to all of us who want to learn about the issue of suffering and what God’s Word has to say about it.”
Harold Cameron (

“I had high hopes for this book because it was coming from Matthias Media. I was not disappointed. It is now the first book that I recommend on suffering.”
Jay Harvey (

“There is too much ‘easy faith’ peddled these days, and what Grimmond offers is different… what Grimmond addresses in this short book is the full catalogue of Christian suffering: disease, grief, sickness, death, chronic pain, natural disaster, persecution, etc. This book offers a good general overview of suffering (or struggles, striving, etc.), but this may not be the resource I commend for Christians facing particular struggles. But as an examination of the broad theme, this book has good things to say.”
James Matichuk (

“The title seems almost an oxymoron as suffering “well” strikes most of us as an unreal concept. On the other hand, if our Lord made it such a key component of our lives, it simply must be a good thing. So to read something along the lines of this book by Mr. Grimmond and published by Matthias Media should be on our agenda on occasion. We simply must get some sort of handle on something that is going to define our lives on some level. This volume sheds light, light we really need.”
Jimmy Reagan (

“I can say that this book led me to repentance and made me want to spend more time in God’s Word, dwelling on His promises. I’m so glad I read it, and I hope it will prompt both new and seasoned Christians to a renewed discussion of suffering in Christ.”
Sarah White (

“This is a solid, well written & biblical book on suffering that will grow you in your trust in God – yes, even through suffering.”
Joanne Viola (

“I am looking forward to sharing this book, now dogeared and marked with pens highlighting paragraphs with someone who needs these words.”
Faith Farrell (

“This one is to read to prepare you for suffering so that you may suffer well. Suffering well is when thru the midst of our suffering, God is glorified.”
Jeanie Schwagerman (

“This is a very solid text on suffering well & savoring Jesus in suffering & because of it. The author continuously goes to the bible and the doctrines of the Christian faith to support suffering well, because without the bible & knowing the God of the scriptures, suffering well is impossible. ”
Louis Zinc (

“Grimmond does a wonderful job of developing and communicating a theology of suffering in a book that contains less than 200 pages… In and through it all, the reader is confronted gently, instructed clearly and forced to reconcile their own thoughts in light of God’s Word. I would think that this book would be a good addition to a pastor’s library, a church library, or any counselor’s resource list.”
Mark Kelly (

“Read, enjoy, and be challenged to follow Jesus Christ instead of ease and convenience. Recommended.”
Michael Taylor (

“The author takes us on a path of understanding and scripture that allows us to explore and learn about this part of life that we dont like… This was a great read, my advice is to get a copy and turn it into a study in your Sunday school class or your own personal Bible time.”
Rosemary Swinehart

I interviewed Paul Grimmond about his book Suffering Well for the Author Talks podcast. You can listen to that interview at

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