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Shaun Tabatt —  December 10, 2012

You, Your Family and the Internet by David ClarkOver the next four weeks bloggers are participating in a book review blog tour for You, Your Family and the Internet by David Clark (Day One Publications, 2012). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“I was afraid of not liking David Clark’s book. I spent happy years in the computing industry before entering Christian ministry and some Christian books on computing are deeply embarrassing. But not this one. He knows what he’s talking about. He writes with grace and rare common sense. He sees the need to embrace communication technologies, but also to master them rather than to have them master you.”
Alan Davey (

“David Clark has written a useful reference for Christians navigating through this digital age… I believe that all Christian families can benefit from reading this title and embracing these best practices.”
Latoia Brown (

“David Clark helps us navigate the vast and constantly changing world of technology with clarity, excellence, knowledge of the field and an ability to help us see it all through the lens of Scripture. This is a book every Christian can benefit from and would make a great book for families to read together as they use their new technology they probably received for Christmas.”
Craig Hurst (

“At just over 100 pages, this book is a nice sized primer from a Christian perspective on the internet. In short compass, David Clark (a career computer science engineer) explains the internet in a way that enables users to be more discerning.”
Jay Harvey (

“As a man who is about to get married and start a family I found the content immensely helpful. The Internet can be used in many good and bad ways and as a family we need to decide how to use it wisely.”
Benjamin Wilson (

“I would highly recommend this book to parents (Christian or not) needing to decide how much freedom on the internet is appropriate for their children and teens. In fact, for parents of teens, this would be an excellent book to read and discuss together.”
Betsy Cypress (

“You, Your Family and the Internet is not preachy, it does not lecture, but it does explain the pitfalls of the internet, the immense gospel-related opportunities on the internet, and the manner in which Scripture tells us to conduct ourselves – on or off the information superhighway.”
Danika Cooley (

“You can truly tell that the author knows his stuff, but the book is written so that anyone can understand it and leave reading it with a much sounder grasp on the internet and other online aspects that we all should be aware of. ”
Chris Lewis (

“This slender volume by David Clark and published by Day One fills a real need. It doesn’t just slam the evils of the internet, but shares its good in light of the fact that it is here to stay.”
Jimmy Reagan (

“What I appreciate about David Clark’s book is that he has written concerning an issue that is of major significance and importance to us as Christians but he is not “throwing out the baby with the bathwater,” or “crying wolf” with the intent of us not using the powerful and potentially God honoring tool of the Internet at all. No, he just wants us to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” as Christians knowing the “bad and the good” about the Internet and how to respond in a Biblical way that brings honor and glory to the name of our great God and Savior.”
Harold Cameron (

“As a father and an IT professional who works on computers all day, I highly recommend this book. It is a great read for people of all levels of computer knowledge and an eye opener for all.”
Mr. Shoop (

“Parents, pastors, and anyone who is concerned about how the Internet’s influences one’s self or family will find an excellent resource in this small book.”
Mike Tiede (

“David Clark’s book, You, Your Family and the Internet, is a helpful resource that should be in the hands of every parent and grandparent.”
Taryn Raulston (

“In You, Your Family and the Internet author David Clark does not set out to impose a set of legalistic rules on his readers. Instead, he gives helpful guidelines for Internet usage in the Christian life. ”
Hollie Dermer (

“this book aids the reader in constructing guardrails to help the reader from wandering off the road into dangerous territory.”
Beverly Terry (

“sound biblical guidelines to apply to your family”
Persis Lorenti (

“This is an important book to read for all Christian parents. You may find there is much to challenge you personally.”
Sarah Jones (

“This is a well balanced, well informed book and should be widely read within the Church.”
Coralie Cowan (

“This book is well written and Biblical, I hope every parent reads it.”
Kirk Farrell (

“Honestly, when it comes to the internet, for your own sake and your kids… it is not the time to look away. In fact it is the time to get informed!!! Books like this one are a great way for folk, who make use of the internet to make use of it wisely.”
Se7en (

“This is the number one guide we should, as anyone not living under a rock or as a Christian, own and keep beside us when ever we have a question or concern involving the internet.”
Jalynn Patterson (

“As with anything else that is amoral, the reader is challenged to enjoy the internet while being careful and wise to not become addicted or lured into the many potential hazards. Recommended.”
Michael Taylor (

“David Clark has worked with the Internet for three decades and cares deeply about the hearts of our children. In You, Your Family and the Internet he demystifies the Internet… Thanks, David Clark for an important little book.”
Jeannette Paulson (

“I found the explanations of how the internet works easy to follow. Its main dangers are clearly outlined, as well as some of its advantages. It provides some helpful principles and it gives some practical advice, without falling into legalism. It is a quick read and it will provide everyone with some foundations for a deeper reflection on this communication revolution. It doesn’t answer all the questions but it definitely will put the readers on the right track.”
Emmanuel Durand (

“David Clark has written a book that is needed in the Church. He shows how computers, Ipads, and Internet have not only benefited our lives but have also created new pitfalls to be avoided… I highly recommend this book to anyone who is connected to the Internet. It is short, to the point and packed with practical suggestions.”
Roger Leonhardt (

“This book on the Internet makes you think of what role it plays in your life and how if we don’t make boundaries for ourselves it can rule our lives… Will we use it to bless others, or curse ourselves and others? It’s a choice we daily need to make.”
Heather Dannewitz (

“If you’re a parent or grandparent this is a must read so that you can better understand what you’re up against.”
Rosemary Swinehart (

“This book seeks to identify key internet technologies and explore how to apply biblical principles to deal with the associated issues.”
Todd Randolph (

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