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Shaun Tabatt —  December 5, 2012

Missional Moves: 15 Tectonic Shifts that Transform Churches, Communities, and the WorldOver the next two weeks bloggers are participating in a book review blog tour for Missional Moves: 15 Tectonic Shifts that Transform Churches, Communities, and the World (Exponential Series) by Rob Wegner and Jack Magruder (Zondervan, 2012). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“I would recommend this book if you want to know how to motivate, mobilize, or lead your people into doing mission for the Kingdom.”
Alicia Costello

“I am delighted to recommend this resource to all churches that seek to evangelize their cities. ”
Chris Land (keepingthemainthing.blogspot.com)

“The authors have the task of balancing this new missional approach with the attractional method used for so long. As a traditional pastor, I don’t have that problem, but I am glad to better understand what is going on today and learn what I can from it. So, I recommend this book.”
Jimmy Reagan (reaganreview.wordpress.com)

“Overall I’d recommend it, and I would think it would be a good first book to expose someone to the missional discussion and the ideas of church engaging and transforming society.”
Robert Putman

“I would recommend this book to church leaders who are ready to think outside the box and lead their local church in creative, yet focused ministry.”
Taryn Raulston (tarynraulston.blogspot.com)

“We as believers and the church need some new and fresh ideas infused into our Missions so that we as individual believers as well as churches can be more effective with the use of our time, our talents and our treasure to reach a world of hurting, broken, impoverished and lost people with the Gospel. I loved this book!”
Harold Cameron (thebiblesays.typepad.com)

“While this book does not really offer anything “new”, it does bring together the thoughts and ideas expressed elsewhere and show how they were applied in an actual ministry setting. This book is not written for the average layperson. It is designed for the ministry team or church planter.”
Todd Randolph (mountainpointe.org)

“Would I recommend this book? Yes, but only to mature pastor or church leader. The authors are unabashedly seeker-driven (attractional, in their words) and their philosophy is woven through this book. Yet there are also profound insights regarding missiology that if absorbed correctly could benefit both the church leader and the church itself.”
Clint Letterman (cpletter.blogspot.com)

“I appreciated hearing from Wegner and Macgruder how this works out at Granger Community Church. I think that ministers, ministry teams and church planters would find a lot of useful stuff here… this is a valuable contribution, especially for showcasing how missional concepts work out in a particular context. This book gets my recommendation.”
James Matichuk (matichuk.wordpress.com)

“So, if you’re a pastor or lay leader who wants to help effect the missional activation of more individuals in the body of Christ, by all means pick up a copy of Missional Moves. You’ll find much sound practical advice (the chapter on focus, missional move 7, especially merits attention) and inspiring real-world examples of missional action.”
David Hodges (piouseye.com)

Missional Moves is more than a story of a megachurch turned missional and more than the memoirs of a couple of missionaries. It is a work that places priority on God’s purpose for the Church and illustrates tangible ways to partner with God in fulfilling His mission.”
Joshua Lee Henry (joshualeehenry.com)

“Engaging and timely, Missional Moves is one of those books that will remain in the church-health conversation for years to come.”
Steven Ruff (stevenruff.wordpress.com)

“Rob and Jack are practitioners for practitioners sake. They are speaking from experience and jam-pack their book with firsthand accounts from their combined thirty years of vocational ministry at Granger. They have a heart for the kingdom, not just for people-pleasing. They offer a systematic study of their philosophy, first noting the problem that motivates them and their visioneering response (In Paradigm Shift). That is only the beginning. Rob & Jack then discuss missional church life in local and global contexts.”
Jason Brueckner (www.thebravereviews.com)

“If you want your congregation to catch the Missional wave I recommend this book. The examples given in each section are eye opening, challenging and encouraging.”
Heather Dannewitz (brokenathisfeet.wordpress.com)

Missional Moves serves as an excellent guidebook that invites readers on the journey of personal transformation towards a way of thinking about and being the Church that reflects God’s sending nature in our world… I’ve read numerous books on this topic, and this is one of the best. I highly recommend it.”
Vanessa Seifert

“My expectations were certainly met and even exceeded, as “Missional Moves” is a blueprint that should be in the hands of every missionary, mission director, pastor, and director for NGO’s (Non-governmental organization) which carry out missions throughout the world.”
Wendy Broooks (theendfocus.com)

“Overall I liked Part 1 the best. A lot of what they are saying has been said in other books, but I think they are sincere in wanting to get the “church” to live or act like the “church.” I cannot give this book a favorable recommendation. In the subject of “Mission of God” or “missional” there are better books available for studying and applying.”
Bill Mazey (takecourage.net)

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