From Bitter to Sweet – Ruth (Welwyn Commentary Series) Blog Tour

Shaun Tabatt —  December 10, 2012

Ruth: From Bitter to Sweet by John CurridFor the next two weeks, a number of bloggers are participating in a book review blog tour for From Bitter to Sweet – Ruth (Welwyn Commentary Series) by John Currid (EP Books, 2012). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“[Currid] illustrates lavishly, with lots of references to the Covenanters and the Puritans. And he helps preachers. Lots. What more could anyone ask?”
Alan Davey (

“If you would like to read the book of Ruth again and see it as you have never seen it before I encourage you to get a copy of Dr. Currid’s most notable book on the story of Ruth.”
Harold Cameron (

“This text will help you to study and reflect more deeply on the truths taught in the book of Ruth. It is challenging and insightful without being a mere book of facts or too difficult to manage for a busy mom whose brain is on overload!”
Betsy Cypress (

“In my opinion, this resource is a wonderful addition to the short list of Ruthian commentaries. Currid’s work is brief, readable and from the reformed tradition (though it doesn’t feel that way). If you are just starting to build your library, I would start with this work. ”
Clint Letterman (

“This wonderful work from the Welwyn Commentary Series is rich, insightful, and beautifully composed.”
Sarah Cobb (

“John really helps you to dig into the book of Ruth… Very easy to read and not long and drawn out.”
Karen Lyons (

“Overall I liked this commentary… The thirteen chapters lend themselves to being used in a Sunday School class or small group. I would recommend it being used in either situation.”
Bill Mazey (

“It’s not often that a person is able to pick up a commentary of this quality. Combing through the historical and religious context, and staying true to the message of God’s Word, Dr. Currid has served us well by giving us a deep yet easily read commentary on the book of Ruth.”
Jason Skipper (

“I have all the well-known volumes on Ruth and am glad to let this book take a prominent place beside. I think I need to get those other volumes by Mr. Currid too.”
Jimmy Reagan (

“If you are looking to peer behind a surface reading of the text of Ruth, this book will aid you well in that pursuit.”
Doug Hibbard (

Ruth: From Bitter to Sweet will be excellent for personal study, but I think its greatest use will be for Sunday School classes where this wonderful book can be introduced to all Christians.”
Dave Marrandette (

“All in all, this was a fantastic work. My troubles with this particular work do not in any way subtract from the treasure it has to offer. Further, what is missing from this volume can easily be found in another commentary entry dealing with Ruth. But the unique elements, such as the biographical information, makes this work stand out from many like it.”
David Ramos (

“I am not a Bible scholar, preacher, or teacher and I was concerned I wouldn’t understand a theologian’s commentary. I was pleasantly surprised to find this commentary written in a conversational way I could easily follow.”
Catherine Daugherty (

“I have been a Christian and a student of the Bible for over 40 years and as I read this book I realized how limited my understanding of this amazing story really was. John Currid has written a book that shows how the love of God is worked out in real people’s lives and how it should be in our lives, I was blessed as I read this and was drawn into the story as he brought it to life.”
Richard Lucian

“Ruth: From Bitter to Sweet, by John Currid would be an excellent addition to the library of any preacher or Bible teacher.”
Taryn Raulston (

“Whether you’re preaching a sermon, teaching a Bible study lesson, or just want to learn more about the Book of Ruth, “Ruth From Bitter To Sweet” is a good read and helpful resource.”
Michael Taylor (

“I came away from this commentary with some new insights into the text. Anyone could read this commentary with profit.”
James Matichuk (

“If you haven’t read the book of Ruth before I think this is a great little book to introduce you to Ruth.”
Heather Dannewitz (

“helpful for individual or group study on the book of Ruth. I would highly recommend it”
Coralie Cowan (

Ruth: From Bitter to Sweet would be a good basic resource for laymen, Sunday school teachers, and preachers interested in the Book of Ruth.”
Charles Savelle (

“As someone who loves God’s word, but who is neither a seminary student nor a Biblical scholar, I was a little afraid, perhaps even intimidated, at first by the thought of reading a “dry” Scripture commentary. I’m glad I put aside my fears and gave this book a try. It is anything but dry and remained easy to understand, practical and truly helpful in understanding the book of Ruth and how it fits in to the larger context of Scripture and God’s plan for humanity.”
Heather King (

“Most importantly, I would encourage both pastors, laypeople, and scholars to pick up this commentary because it does a great job of keeping the main things the plain things, and the plain things the main things. Currid ignores getting lost in any grammatical messes or the love story [aside from when discussing the conversation between Ruth & Boaz or the threshing floor interaction] and he focuses on the book of Ruth’s place in the grand-narrative of Scripture. The text is not just a model for love and relationships, the text is a piece in God’s story (the book of Ruth paves the way for King David following the horrid days in which Israel was with not king, all doing as they saw fit [Judges 21:25]). If you are looking for a launching pad into the book of Ruth, I’d pick up this book.”
Jason Brueckner (

“A commentary that gives more than encyclopedic information and definitions is not easy to find. There is certainly a need for great references like that for Bible scholars in their research and studies. But in my opinion this one about the book of Ruth is one of the most reader-friendly, interesting and enlightening commentaries I’ve read recently, reminiscent of the Warren W. Wiersbe “Be” series of years ago.”
Beverly Terry (

“This commentary is more than an explanation of the text, it gives encouragement that God still works in lives. He still brings things into our lives to work out His purposes.”
Roger Leonhardt (

“Currid does an excellent job making applications to our lives today while remaining true to the meaning of the original text. I have never read any of Currid’s other commentaries nor the Welwyn Commentaries, but based on this work, I look forward to purchasing Currid’s other works and other Welwyn Commentaries. I enthusiastically recommend this book to any Bible teacher or preacher as well as anyone who wants to grasp a deeper meaning of the book of Ruth.”
Brent Kercheville (

Ruth: From Bitter to Sweet by Dr. John Currid is a helpful commentary, informed by serious scholarship and loaded with practical insights.”
Jay Harvey (

“This book, although a commentary, is truly an easy to read love story. Dr. Currid has written a commentary that beautifully demonstrates how the sovereignty & love of God worked in the lives of Ruth, Naomi & Boaz & brings the realization & truth that this is how it should be in our lives as well.”
Joanne Viola (

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