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Shaun Tabatt —  November 20, 2012

Christmas Uncut: What Really Happened and Why It Really Matters...This week bloggers are participating in a book review blog tour for Christmas Uncut: What Really Happened and Why It Really Matters… by Carl Laferton (The Good Book Company, 2012). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“My expectations to receive something extra were exceeded. This book took a pleasantly unexpected turn by telling the birth of Jesus along with all of the exciting events, without leaving out the details that have been cut for the traditional nativity play. It is packed with humor, and was very enjoyable. ”
Sarah Jean Cobb (

“I appreciate the author’s desire to point people to the true hope, joy, and love found in the real Christ of the Christmas story.”
Vanessa Small (

“I think my absolute favorite part of the book was the closing remarks. Mr. Laferton covered what to do with the information he presented, whether it was all made up, how we could know that Jesus was the Christ, and the truth of the Resurrection. All in all, this was a neat little book.”
Heather Hart (

“This was a great, quick read! Even though I’m very familiar with the true Christmas story, I still found things to take away from this book and make me think. It was very amusing; I got a kick out of the little kids in their nativity play and the funny things they did. I liked the examples from history and his own life. I think anyone would enjoy this book and it would make a great gift!”
Veronica Sternberg (

“The subtitle of this book by Carl Laferton and published by The Good Book Company nicely explains what we are getting: “What really happened and why it matters….” It’s a book for our families and might be used as well for those not familiar with Christianity… This book is worth having and passing along.”
Jimmy Reagan (

“It’s a short, but powerful, 64 page book bursting myths and introducing the Jesus of history. It’s worth every penny to get it this year, read it to your family and bring it out again year after year until everyone in your family never questions the truth of Gospel.”
Chris Malkemes (

“For a book just shy of 70 pages, Carl accomplishes quite a feat. As far as readability and strength of content, it is definitely one of the better books I have read on the topic. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a quick read this season.”
David Ramos (

“In all, if you want a brief look at Christmas, one that will hold the attention of a reader that may not want to ferret the details from the midst of the whole Bible, pick this up. If you have a small Bible study/inquiry group that wants to dig in, this makes a good pick up in bulk-pricing direct from the publishers, TheGoodBook Company.”
Doug Hibbard (

“Do yourself a favor and read this book, give this book away, share it with friends, however or whatever you do with it you will be sharing the true story of Christmas with a world that is in desperate need of its message and meaning.”
Martin Pitcher (

“This text would be a fantastic read for families around the fireplace or Christmas tree during the month of December or as a tool to minister to someone wanting to know more about the true Christ and the reason for Christmas. This book is so inexpensive and such an enjoyable read…it is full of Scripture and is well-written on a level people unfamiliar with theological terminology can understand. I highly recommend it!”
Betsy Cypress (

Christmas Uncut is a quick and pleasant read, and something enjoyable to pull out before attending or participating in your own Nativity scene this year. Perhaps it would make a cute gift for members of the cast in any Nativity event you are planning this year!”
Camille Millar (

Christmas Uncut is a useful resource this holiday season for acquainting people with what really transpired before, during, and after Jesus’ birth.”
Andrew Wencl (

“In Christmas Uncut, author Carl Laferton gives us the full scoop on the Christmas story… The writing is engaging and accessible, but there’s no soft-pedaling the call to repent and believe.”
Persis Lorenti (

Christmas Uncut is short, funny, friendly and easy-to-read… While the true story of Christmas has often been lost amidst the children’s nativity plays, this book retells the Christmas story and explains the gospel message as it does so.”
Linda Morgan (

Christmas Uncut is a short, quick read about what really happened at the first Christmas. The tone was casual and sometimes humorous, but the author kept focused on his point. He accurately portrayed what the Bible says about Christ’s birth and the purpose of his birth, life, and death.”
Debbie White (

“This book isn’t fluffy, but convicts in making us choose how we are going to respond to the story of Jesus’ birth and what His coming means. It is a great opener for further discussion.”
Heather Dannewitz (

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