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Shaun Tabatt —  November 12, 2012

Bitesize Biography - Francis Schaeffer by Mostyn RobertsThis week we have several bloggers participating in a book review blog tour for Bitesize Biographies Francis Schaeffer by Mostyn Roberts (EP Books, 2012). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“Great subject, good pace, nice book! Now to find something else written by Schaeffer to devour!”
Jaydie Johnson (

“Although Bitesized, this book will give you a grand picture of the life of Francis Schaeffer. Read it!”
Aaron Sellars (

“As a new believer I discovered Francis Schaeffer’s name while looking for artists who love The Lord. His name and CS Lewis both kept coming up. For the first time I have found in this series Bitesize Biographies a concise and informative collection of information to understand the heart of the man.”
Michael Tyler (

“I enjoyed this book. I’ll read it again some day. For me it plugged a character who was important in my Christian formation back into the context of 20th century Christian history… And as we all know, nothing helps you understand like seeing a thing in context.”
Alan Davey (

“This book is short but to the point. It is a primer that will move you from the life of Schaeffer to a great desire to read his writings.”
Roger Leonhardt (

“Roberts’ biography of Schaeffer, however, has allowed me to appreciate the good that Schaeffer did in his life over the disagreements that I have with him theologically. What I really took away from this book was the opportunity to see the good in an intellectual opponent that I would not have seen if I had focused solely on his theology.”
Matthew Hamilton (

“Overall, this is a great introduction to a genius mind, and a true servant of the Lord. Schaeffer’s intellect was equally matched by his compassion for the world. I am glad this new biography has been written to introduce the next generation of “college students in gap year” looking to Escape from Reason in the writings of Francis Schaeffer.”
Joshua Lee Henry (

” This book will hopefully wet your spiritual appetite to learn more about Schaeffer and become acquainted with his life and publications.”
Lisa Johnson (

“This “Bite-size biography” provided a well-written, entertaining view of Schaeffer’s life. If you are looking for a book that provides a well-rounded overview of Mr. Schaeffer’s life, which is not a drag, I recommend this tiny book. Through this biography, I learned much about the man and his theories. Now, I want to find more of his books.”
McKenzie Banner

“A bitesize of anything begs for more. You will get an introduction to Schaeffer’s teachings, apologetics, films, politics and legacy. Read the author’s recommendations for further reading to learn more.”
Christine Malkemes (

“The brief account by Mostyn Roberts in the Bitesized Biographies series is a book I would have benefitted from when I first encountered [Francis] Shaeffer… If you’re looking for a brief overview of this man’s life, this is enjoyable and thorough enough to give one a good picture of the man.”
Kim Shay (

“If you are looking for a book to get a balanced intro on the life of Francis Schaeffer I do recommend this little book.”
Heather Dannewitz (

“You will learn much about Schaeffer’s life & ministry from this “bitesized” book.”
Joanne Viola (

“Reading this bite-sized biography made me want to read his books again, so I’ve pulled the books of his that I own off my bookshelf and have started reading them again.”
Diane Beason (

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