1 Kings An EP Study Commentary Blog Tour

Shaun Tabatt —  November 27, 2012

1 Kings An EP Study Commentary by John DaviesThis week bloggers are participating in a book review blog tour for 1 Kings An EP Study Commentary by John Davies (EP Books, 2012). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“I do recommend this commentary to pastors and teachers.”
Bill Mazey (takecourage.net)

“This study should be a complement to everyone’s Bible study, as it will cause you to look at 1 Kings in an entirely new light – I guarantee it.”
Kim Infield (moldedclay.tumblr.com)

“I have read 400+ paged books before, but commentaries are like adding mounds of toppings to your ice cream. It adds extra flavor and insight…”
Heather Dannewitz (brokenathisfeet.wordpress.com)

“If you’re looking for a commentary that advances the OT narrative in an understandable and in-depth manner then I urge you to pick up John A. Davies’s 1 Kings.”
Matthew Sims (grace4sinners.blogspot.com)

“As far as a commentary goes, this book is absolutely extraordinary. It is very evident that it took years to perfect this masterpiece on 1 Kings, and as a reader, this work makes you feel privileged to enjoy something so beautiful and precious.”
Sarah Jean Cobb (www.sarahjeancobb.blogspot.com)

“What makes this commentary so good is it’s accessibility. He explains many of the Hebrew words but you do not have to be a Hebrew scholar to understand them. He takes the text, gives us background information concerning it, then adds a section of application. It is very readable and never boring”
Roger Leonhardt (reformedreader.blogspot.com)

“This is a great commentary on 1 Kings and has whetted my appetite not only for what else this series of commentaries has to offer but for the completion of the story in 2 Kings. If you are studying, preaching or are just shopping for a good commentary on 1 Kings, this is a great option. My go to commentator for Kings is Iain Provan’s (an Old Testament professor of mine) but Davies brings similar sensibility and insight. So gaze with Davies on the Kings of old and discover that despite their and our failure, the covenant God is faithful to his promise to us.”
James Matichuk (matichuk.wordpress.com)

“If you are a serious student of scripture I would whole-heartedly recommend this commentary as a place to start your study as it provides numerous jumping-off point for further in-depth study.”
Todd Randolph (mountainpointe.org)

“Now Kings isn’t a book Christians run to in droves, but Davies does show why study of it is worthwhile and rewarding from a Christian perspective. If Old Testament narrative, and 1 Kings in particular, isn’t your favorite portion of the Bible to come back to, at least give it one good study in your lifetime, and when you do, take Davies with you.”
Paul Imbrone (paulregent.blogspot.com)

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