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Shaun Tabatt —  October 30, 2012

Christ and the Desert Tabernacle by J. V. FeskoThis week we have several bloggers participating in a book review blog tour for Christ and the Desert Tabernacle by J. V.Fesko (EP Books, 2012). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“Dr Fesko has such a simple way of writing that the book is quite surprising. You think that it’s at a very elementary level and suddenly you realise that actually you have covered a lot of ground and he’s said some very helpful and profound things.”
Alan Davey (

“Fesko has presented a treatment of the Old Testament tabernacle that I would be comfortable handing to any member of my congregation including the youth. This is a great introduction and I would recommend that anyone interested in these connections take it from a man that has proven his mettle in dealing with the text of Scripture.”
Michael Britton (

“Reading it encouraged me to know more about the Tabernacle. The author obviously has a high view of Scripture and its authority in our lives. He also has a balanced view of the typology and symbolism here and how to interpret it through the lens of the New Testament… I would recommend this book for pastors and teachers.”
Bill Mazey (

“I believe this could prove to be a good resource to encourage us to recognize the major points and purposes of Scripture: pointing us to Christ. Taking a leisurely tour of the Tabernacle and the intricate details that the Lord gave regarding its construction, the dedication of the priests, and even the attire they were to wear, as well as the sacrifices, incense, and the Sabbath, forces one to pause to reflect with humble gratitude and thanksgiving as to how this mirrors the heavenly Tabernacle and most importantly, the great High Priest and the perfect sacrifice that He offered on our behalf.”
Matt Boutillier (

Christ and the Desert Tabernacle is recommended for anyone interested in learning not only about the Old Testament tabernacle, but also about how it fits into God’s overall plan of redemption through Christ.”
Gaines Redd (

“This book is an example of true pastoral theology. Dr. Fesko is a seminary professor, but he was a pastor for many years and this book originated as a sermon series he did on Exodus. To me this is the strength of this book, because [of] the pastoral aspect in each chapter. There is much to bring comfort and praise to God here and I highly recommend this book.”
Alex Houston (

“Works on the symbolism of the tabernacle and other old testament practices and ceremonies can often be fascinating academic studies, but Fesko presents a prayerful and devotional approach to this frequently misunderstood or ignored portion of scripture. I highly recommend it.”
Coralie Cowan (

“There are parts of the Bible that although I do not skip them when reading through it each year, I do find boring. I sincerely appreciate Christ and the Desert Tabernacle because after going through it, some of the areas that had seemed ‘dry’ to me in the past, have now been watered with a passionate rain of greater understanding, allowing the seeds of significance that were already planted there to bloom, producing a bountiful harvest.”
Sarah Cobb (

“If you have ever found yourself baffled over the meaning and purpose of the wilderness tabernacle, then Christ and the Desert Tabernacle may just be the help you need.”
Brandon Lehr (

“Fesko systematically walks through the details of Exodus & Leviticus in a way that reads easily and treats God’s Word with the respect it deserves.”
Jason Brueckner (

“This book will not be the definitive volume on the Tabernacle as long as we can still get to Soltau, Slemming, Haldeman, and Brown among others, but it is helpful. It might be all most families would need on the subject. I, for one, am glad to have it.”
Jimmy Reagan (

“This book makes you want to read the book of Exodus, not run away screaming, “It’s too, boring.” Thank you for bringing the Old Testament to life.”
Heather Dannewitz (

“Reading this book gave me deeper love and understanding of the Tabernacle along with all the trappings associated with it.”
Hollie Dermer (

“This is a great book to used as a tool for pastors and Bible teachers to teach on the tabernacle. This is also good for parents to read so that when they read through Exodus with their families, they can teach on how Christ is the better temple and the fulfillment of the Desert Tabernacle.”
Chris Land (

“Fesko does a good job in opening up these passages of Scripture to his readers and shows they are not merely a description of a building to be easily glossed over but a foreshadowing of the coming Christ.”
Todd Randolph (

“I recommend this book for use within the Church. It would work well in small group study or Sunday school classes. It has potential to be a powerful resource for those unfamiliar with the Old Testament.”
Matthew Hamilton (

“Dr. Fesko’s book made me better appreciate both God’s otherness and how close He has come to us in Christ. The sights and smells of the tabernacle are mostly quite foreign to us–animal blood, burnt offerings, incense, golden cherubim. Yet they are assuredly part of our story, because they show the lengths to which God has always gone to dwell among His people–first in the desert tabernacle, later incarnate in Jesus Christ, and now in us, through His Holy Spirit.”
Sarah White (

“If you’re curious about how relevant someone could make descriptions of the tabernacle in Exodus, look no further than this little book by J. V. Fesko. In an engaging way, he recovers the latter half of Exodus as Christian Scripture that can show us more of the depths and riches of the person and work of Jesus Christ!”
Nate Claiborne (

“Fesko does a great job of taking a complicated subject and explaining it in terms even a new believer can understand. The book is short and to the point.”
Roger Leonhardt (

“If the tabernacle has always mystified you, Fesko will show you how to appropriate these texts in ways that are worshipful and worthy of deeper reflection.”
James Matichuk (

“Remember the Tabernacle was a shadow of the real Tabernacle in heaven. We can learn many interesting applications from this small book.”
-Lisa Johnson (

“I would recommend Christ and the Desert Tabernacle to even the causal student of The Bible as the grandeur of Jesus Christ’s redemption plan is very clearly shown from Eden to the wilderness, through the cross and in the New Jerusalem to come!”
Jaydie Johnson (

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