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Shaun Tabatt —  October 12, 2012

Accidental Pharisees by Larry OsborneOver the next six weeks we have a large number of bloggers participating in a book review blog tour for Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne (Zondervan, 2012). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“After hearing Osborne and his passion, let me insist that there is more to the book than harsh criticism of the harsh legalism that abounds in today’s Christianity. Osborne lovingly helps those who see these tendencies in themselves, and he frankly admits that many of these traits were first discovered in his own heart. Ultimately this book offers hope and innoculates believers from a Christianity that is more about scoring points for the home team, then about pointing people to Jesus Christ.”
Bob Hayton (

“I recommend this book to any Christian who wants to learn more about following Christ through a biblical lens.”
Krista Rodriguez (

“This is a timely read for both the well-seasoned and the babe in Christ. I laughed, I cried, and I prayed. When I was tempted to see someone else in the book, I still saw myself. That is what I call an insightful, thought provoking read. Most importantly, I was blessed.”
LaToia R. Brown (

“I recommend this book for all Christians, especially those in ministry, those who regard themselves as “sophisticated” Christians, and those who are farther along in their Christian walk. It is definitely a book that we should all look to and reference regularly to ensure that we are not falling into the traps we all too often set for ourselves.”
Kim Infield (

“Osborne nails it. This book was very convicting to me because I know I have been an “accidental pharisee” myself.”
Chris Land (

“I believe that anyone who picks up (and reads) this book will be deeply impacted through it. Accidental Pharisees helps uncover the legalistic areas of our hearts while giving us hope that Jesus is greater.”
Matt Kresge (

“Biblically grounded and stern with warning, Larry Osborne’s new book is a must read for Christian leaders.”
Joshua Lee Henry (

“Osborne comes across as a down-to-earth fellow hiker who has come across a dark, jagged path you are approaching. He offers some good alternate routes as well as sound, biblical counsel to keep you from running down the wrong trail. It sure has sharpened my eyes. Hope it sharpens yours too…”
Matt Boutilier (

“It’s not just an attack on legalism as you expect, but an expose of the Pharisee that lurks somewhere down inside us all.”
Jimmy Reagan (

“Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne is a book that every Christian needs to read!”
Heather Hart (

“This book is biblical, and will likely be controversial as it steps on people’s toes by confronting their religion and pride, but as it painfully exposes people’s sin; the book rightly points people towards the truth and beauty of Jesus Christ. ”
Dave Jenkins (

“I think every Christian could benefit from it, be prepared to have your pet beliefs stepped on a bit if they are out of balance or causing you to have disdain for your brothers and sisters in Christ… Accidental Pharisees unexpectedly ended up being the “book of the year” for me in 2012.”
Natalie Klejwa (

“I agree with his main conclusions, I felt the book was written in a spirit of humility and kindness, and I sensed his zeal to see Christians grow in unity and get back to the truth of the Word of God.”
Lori Higham (

“I would recommend this book to any leader, most especially the rising generation, and to every believer. The sooner we can get along with each other, the sooner we can better fulfill the great mandate given unto the Church.”
Steven Martins (

“I would recommend this fundamental resource to anyone who is feeling like they can’t measure up to the high standards being placed on them.”
Andrew Smith (

“Accidental Pharisees will put you in your place, take your excuses away, make you dump your pride and have you on your knees repenting it before God. This is a book anyone can benefit from.”
Craig Hurst (

“Osborne has a winner here. This is a great book. Accidental Pharisees would serve new believers and experienced believers well in order to know the trappings of pharisaism and how to avoid it. Very well written on a very important topic.”
Steven Ruff (

“Everyone one needs to read this one. I don’t think anyone can deny that we all suffer from at least some of these temptations.”
Brandon Lehr (

“I recommend this book highly to all believers, particularly ministers and lay leaders in the church. Make sure you read it with an open mind and heart and be prepared to have light shined on parts of your life that God wants to work on.”
Todd Randolph (

“One of the characteristics of this book that is refreshing is that while peeling away the false layers we hide behind, the author doesn’t exclude himself. Like Moses, who interceded for the Israelites, he didn’t place himself at a distance from them. The author reminds us that only One is perfect. We are led by Larry through the Scriptures to see anew the people Jesus never put out or disowned. In fact, He loved them right where they were in life. Some people others thought were useless, but Jesus treated them as useful.”
Lisa Johnson (

“Osborne has done the body of Christ a great service with this easy-to-read volume and I’d love to see it in the hands of believers everywhere. The layout makes it perfect for group settings (each part is concluded with a list of discussion questions) such as book clubs or Bible studies. So make every effort to grab a copy and read it with your Bible close at hand. I’m convinced that you’ll be a better person for it.”
Nick Norelli (

“Legalistic, pride-stricken faith has been an issue since the days of Christ and we would be foolish to think that it has dissipated since then… this is a very important book to wrestle with.”
Jason Brueckner (

“This book is well worth reading. May God use it to make us disciples who are humble, hospitable and gracious to one another.”
James Matichuk (

“I enjoyed this book and recommend it for ministers, lay leaders and believers everywhere. Make sure it is placed in your church library. Zealous faith can be a good thing, but it has a dangerous, dark side if we’re not careful.”
Christine Malkemes (

“With Bible-based, sound Christian teaching, this thin book packs quite a punch… Accidental Pharisees should be mandatory reading for all Christians.”
Sarah Cobb (

“Like a masterful surgeon, Osborne uses a scalpel to cut out the tumor but patches us back up and uses salve to heal the wound. He uses illustrations and scripture to show how there is an Accidental Pharisee in all of us. We do not even realize we are Pharisees, but everyone else does.”
Roger Leonhardt (

“This slim red book packs a punch on the topic of legalism within Christianity and how as believers we can easily toe over the line into becoming a Pharisee.”
Heather Dannewitz (

Accidental Pharisees is a book that calls us back from the extreme. We have a tendency as Christians to swing wide from absolute to absolute, without achieving balance. “God is loving and compassionate and full of mercy” or “God is holy and hates sin.” “We only need liturgy” or “We need no liturgy in our worship.” “Salvation is about faith and depends on grace” or “True salvation has to show up as works.” Always Either/Or.”
Heather King (

“Overall, I would endorse this book. I feel, however, it’s more appropriate for a more mature Christian, someone who’s walked in the faith for a time.”
Asa Veek (

“I would recommend this book to followers of Christ Jesus, from teensagers and up.”
Karen Lyons (

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