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Shaun Tabatt —  September 3, 2012

Delighting in the Trinity by Tim ChesterThis week we have several bloggers participating in a book review blog tour for Delighting in the Trinity by Tim Chester (Good Book Company, 2010). Excerpts and links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“In what he calls his favorite of the books he has written, he takes on the daunting task of making the doctrine of the Trinity a delight instead of a quandary. He does an admirable job.”
Greg Wilson (

“Delighting In The Trinity, by Tim Chester, is a very good book. The title made me break my book reviewing moratorium… It is a book that I wish I would be able to convince all of the members of my flock to read.”
Jason Skipper (

“This book was written in such a user-friendly format that even a lost person who has no idea of what the Trinity is can understand it. I enjoyed reading this book and drove me to worship because of how great our Triune God is. I know I use this book as a resource for when I am writing and/or teaching on the Trinity.”
Chris Land (

“Delighting in the Trinity is a short but powerful book. I will not hesitate to recommend it or to give it out. I am confident that this book will deeply impact those who take the time to read it.”
Matt Kresge (

“I very much appreciate Delighting in the Trinity and would certainly recommend it to any Christian who wants to better understand the roots and critical importance of this doctrine. I am thrilled that books like this one are being written, and I hope to see Chester (and others) continue the trend of accessible theological writing.”
Sarah White (

“Delighting in the Trinity is vintage Chester: clear, accessible, practical, and pastoral. As always, Chester demonstrates his deep desire to communicate the good news of the gospel, and here with a specific focus on the Trinitarian nature of the gospel and the whole of the Christian life. You will be encouraged and edified as the colors of the Christian life shine with increasing brilliance as you grow in your understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity. I recommend it!”
Kevin Fiske (

“Delighting in the Trinity is an introductory text written with the intention to make anyone at any stage of their spiritual development see just how important the Trinity is and how it stands at the center of all things Christian. The book is divided into three sections in which Chester highlights the doctrine’s biblical foundation, historical development, and practical application. It’s a solid format that balances right belief with right practice when many authors prefer to favor one over the other. This book is clearly written, generally well argued, and very approachable (which is to say that the uninitiated could read it with great comprehension).”
Nick Norelli (

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