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Shaun Tabatt —  August 28, 2012

Run, River Currents by Ginger MarcinkowskiAs the last of the mourners departed the ornate Catholic Church, Emily entered a side door unnoticed, walked to the coffin, and punched her dead father in the face. “You’ll never be dead enough,” she whispered. “Never.” Determined to recover from the hands of a father who sexually abused her and an emotionally distant mother, twenty-seven-year-old Emily Evans seeks the peace she’d lost in her youth. Yet, shattered by the betrayal of those she was taught to respect and love, she fears that she may never overcome the devastating effects of generations of abuse. Will she ever let herself truly open up to the power of unconditional love? Set in the rich backwoods of New Brunswick, Canada, Run, River Currents is inspired by a true story of abuse, pain, and the struggle to find healing and forgiveness.

Ginger MarcinkowskiAbout the Author:
Ginger Marcinkowski was born in northern Maine along the Canadian border, which plays a prominent role in Run, River Currents. She is a daughter of divorced parents and one of eight siblings.

Her debut novel, Run, River Currents, was published in August 2012 and was a 2012 semi-finalist in the Association of Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) Genesis Awards. Although this book is fictionalized, the dark incidents (child abuse – beatings, neglect, and sexual abuse) were true events in her childhood home. With this book, she hopes to help spouses and friends of abuse victims understand where their loved ones’ perspectives of life, God, and relationships often come from while also showing that it is possible to escape from the dark mind-set to which a victim often clings.

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Praise for Run, River Currents:

“Dark, but very Genuine. – This is a really dark book, but the author does a great job of showing the unpolished truth of how a child who has grown up with sexual abuse really views life. Particularly helpful, I think, for spouses or close friends of abuse victims, in that it allows us to understand where the victims’ perspectives of people and life are coming from. People don’t easily “move on” from the darkness they live in, and this book shows that – while also ultimately showing that Another Way is possible. Not easy, but possible. Redemption is always possible and is something God always longs to do for each of us.”
-BeBlessedDH (Amazon Review)

Finding Strength During Extreme Challenges – The author does a tremendous job in taking a very tough subject to write about, making it real to the reader, and finding the strength to provide inspiration to those who have suffered. This is a book that needs to be read over and over again so we truly understand the incredible challenges some in society do face on a daily basis.”
Michael John Sullivan (Amazon Review)

Book Information:

  • Publisher: Booktrope (2012)
  • ISBN: 9781935961710
  • Page Count: 230

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