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Shaun Tabatt —  August 14, 2012

Delighting in the Trinity by Tim Chester“How can there be three Gods and yet only one God?”

Have you ever groaned inwardly at a question like this? Many of us find the doctrine of the Trinity – that God is three persons sharing one nature – difficult to get our heads round, and frankly a bit embarrassing. What is more, we seem to get by without thinking about it too deeply.

But in reality, the Trinity is at the heart of all that Christians believe. The nature of God as a Trinity gives shape to all Christian truth, and to the gospel that we believe and proclaim. And rather than be a source of embarrassment, properly understood, it should fill us with joy.

Tim Chester will take us deeper into understanding the thrilling triune nature of God. In short accessible chapters he takes us through the Bible’s teaching on the Trinity; gives us an overview of the important arguments over the trinity that have taken place throughout Christian history; and lays out the practical implications for our Christian lives.

Tim ChesterAbout the Author:
Dr Tim Chester is a director of the Porterbrook Seminary which provides affordable, Bible-college level training for church leadership and missional church in the context of your ministry (www.porterbrookinstitute.org). He is a leader of The Crowded House, a church planting network (www.thecrowdedhouse.org). He blogs at www.timchester.co.uk. He has previously been Research and Policy Director for Tearfund UK and a part-time lecturer in missiology. He is the author of a number of books and series editor of The Good Book Guides (The Good Book Company). He is married with two daughters.

Praise for Delighting in the Trinity:

‘Is it really possible to say so much in just a few pages? These two books by Tim Chester pack an enormous amount of theological thinking into a remarkable economy of pages. I commend these books as worthy additions to your library.’
– Dr. R. Albert Mohler, President, The Souther Baptist Theological Seminary

Delighting in the Trinity walks through a complex and important subject with clarity, warmth, and pastoral wisdom. I will certainly use this book with people in my congregation.
– Mike McKinley, Pastor, Guilford Baptist Church, VA

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